Mercury Healthcare International launches the first global implant registry for health travel members

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Today, as an added member benefit to its Global Access Passport™ members, Mercury Healthcare International launched a brand-agnostic, globally integrated implant registry, which tracks costs, effectiveness, clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and aids and assists in contact patients in the event of a manufacturer's recall. The mutual collaboration on an international registry

Doctors Targeting January for Spinal Medical Tourism in Bahamas

Fallback Image — Doctors Hospital is targeting January for its next medical tourism initiative, the BISX-listed healthcare institution telling Tribune Business that its $1.067 million net income performance for the first half of its 2012 financial year was "slightly ahead" of budget projections. In a series of emailed replies to this newspaper's

The Clinic Finder Adds Medical Tourism to Consumer Options

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David Nicholls, a Director of ‘The Clinic Finder’, recently announced the addition of a ‘medical tourism’ section to the healthcare provider search engine's domestic site. "The concept of ‘The Clinic Finder’ had always been to give people the broadest range of healthcare providers and options, be that locally or internationally,"

From the Editor

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THIS WEEK IN MEDICAL TRAVEL TODAY Volume 5, Issue 19 by Amanda Haar, Editor   Greetings, Rising medical costs, continued confusion about the future of healthcare and a limited number of physicians accepting new Medicare patients are a few of the factors fueling an interest in medical travel among older

Gregory Ciottone, MD, FACEP, Chief Medical Officer, American Hospital Management Company, Part One

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SPOTLIGHT: Gregory Ciottone, MD, FACEP, Chief Medical Officer, American Hospital Management Company, Part One Medical Travel Today (MTT): You are a physician as well as an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School… so how did you get involved with international hospital management? Gregory Ciottone (GC): Upon graduation and after

Dr. Sharon Sweeney Fee, Part Two

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SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Sharon Sweeney Fee, Part Two     Editor's Note: Publisher Laura Carabello met Dr. Sweeney Fee at the recent medical travel meeting in Korea. In our last issue, we featured Part I of a discussion between the two after that meeting. The conclusion of the conversation follows