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Volume 5, Issue 24 Greetings, For the last several years it's been an ongoing challenge to find what felt like stable footing in the medical travel industry. Just how big is the industry? What are the opportunities? What are the liabilities? To whom are we selling? And on and on

SPOTLIGHT: Rajesh Rao, IndUShealth

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Rajesh Rao, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Editor's Note: Based in Raleigh, NC, IndUShealth recently released a patient experience study. Using data gathered over the past five years, the study highlights key aspects of the care experience and the motivations of American retail and corporate patients that the

SPOTLIGHT: Professor Felice Eugenio Agro, Part One

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Professor Felice Eugenio Agro, Chief of Health Strategy & Business Development, The University Hospital Campus Bio – Medico of Rome   Medical Travel Today (MTT): What is your professional background and involvement in medical travel? Professor Felice Eugenio Agro (FA): The University Hospital Campus Bio – Medico of Rome

Surgeons Taking the Leap: Dropping Insurance

Fallback Image— Kevin Petersen, MD, a private practice surgeon in Las Vegas, grew more frustrated each year. And like many general surgeons, the things that frustrated him about his practice had little to do with performing surgery. He became most frustrated when trying to get reimbursed by Medicare for a patient

HealthAffairs Blog: A Better Way to Approach Medicare’s Impossible Task

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By Thomas Saving and John Goodman—As Congress faces mounting pressure to rein in Medicare spending, two sides seem to be squaring off. The don’t-touch-a-thing-other-than-squeezing-provider-fees position seems to appeal to mainly Democrats, while eat-your-spinach reforms, including more cost sharing and higher premiums, seem to appeal mainly to Republicans. Neither position