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Greetings, Innovating the innovative. That seems to be what much of medical travel is about these days: introducing new ideas to an already innovative approach to healthcare. In this week's SPOTLIGHT we feature HealthSouk, an online marketplace for dental services where dentists can actually manage fees on a minute-by-minute basis

Minverva Journeys Partners with Startup America: Offers Cost-Effective, Quality Medical Travel Options to Promising New Companies

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Costa Rica - Minerva Journeys, providers of world-class medical travel concierge services, assisting individuals and businesses to access cost-effective, high-quality health and dental care, announced today that it has partnered with Startup America Partnership, the national organization dedicated to helping young companies grow in order to spur job creation across the country. The

Dr. Kevin Petersen, No Insurance Surgery

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Editor's Note: We're all familiar with the concept and the benefits of the 'empowered patient'. But what about the 'empowered physician'? Here's an interesting tale of one surgeon taking charge of virtually every aspect of the care he delivers, including cost. The benefits to both he and his patients are quite

Helen “Kate” Liebelt, Global Medical Links

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Editor's Note: In 2010 I had the pleasure of meeting Kate Liebelt on a familiarization tour to Korea. Kate's energy and enthusiasm for the potential of medical travel was absolutely infectious. In the months that followed we stayed in touch, and I kept tabs on her developing networking group, Global Medical Links (GML).

Med Travel Gets Voice in Obama’s Tourism Strategy

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Editor's Note: The following two stories republished with permission from Travel Market Report, an online business publication for professional travel sellers. For a free subscription, click here. - Nick Verrastro Medical travel has representation in the Obama administration's new travel and tourism strategy, with the appointment of Steven Thompson, chief

Is Medical Tourism Recession-Proof? Study Says YES

Fallback Image - Maria Lenhart Medical tourism is not only one of the fastest-growing segments of the travel industry, it is especially resilient during economic downturns, according to a new study on tourism niches. While global economic conditions have a profound impact on such areas as cruise, business and incentive travel, medical