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Greetings, Transparency is a word that gets thrown around a lot in medical care. While the term is frequently applied to costs, its scope in the world of medical travel is expanding. In this week's SPOTLIGHT we speak with two individuals who are seeking to bring greater transparency to the

László Puczkó, Founder, The Tourism Observatory for Health, Wellness and Spa, PART ONE

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Editor's Note: Readers may recognize László Puczkó's name as the author of numerous papers and books on medical travel (Wellness Tourism and Medical Tourism: Where do Spas Fit?, The Future of Spa Tourism, High-End Medical Travel), co-author of Health and Wellness Tourism, in-demand speaker for many global medicine conferences and events, and respected researcher. To that list

SPOTLIGHT: Jim Tate, Medical Travel Commission, PART ONE

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Editor's Note: If you follow any of the popular medical travel news feeds you've no doubt seen a good bit of buzz about recent certifications issued by the Medical Travel Commission. According to the company's website, the International Patient Program Certification is designed to "recognize organizations that provide extraordinary, best-in-class service

Eggs on Demand in Lawless Market

Fallback Image - Advancing technology and growing medical tourism have helped in vitro fertilization thrive in India, but with little regulation. Egg donors are chosen and paid according to their profile, with touts and agencies arranging them for hospitals and recipients. And the donor is often at risk, a fact highlighted

Medical tourism drains the health system in war-ravaged Libya

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Hospitals are neglected as patients are subsidized for treatment abroad. - A multimillion-dollar medical tourism industry catering to Libyans has emerged in neighboring countries, stripping the country's struggling health system of vital investment and blocking efforts to rebuild a sector rife with corruption. Nowhere is the extent of Libya's