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Greetings, Controlling the complete patient experience has always been one of the biggest challenges to medical travel. One organization that's seizing control in a big way is Nueterra. From ownership partnerships with physicians to building its own facilities, Nueterra has successfully brought a new level of control to the healthcare

David Miller, Nueterra Global Alliance

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Medical Travel Today (MTT): I really want to focus on Global Alliance, but begin first by telling me a little bit about it Nueterra. David Miller (DM): For more than 15 years Nueterra has been helping physicians and health systems succeed. Our company is built on the philosophy of physician empowerment,

US Workers Travel for Cheap Surgery

Fallback Image - There is a growing movement among US employers to send insured workers on paid trips to get operations at bargain prices, those involved in the trend say. Chip Burgett, an executive vice president at BridgeHealth Medical Inc. in Denver - which helps companies, insurers and patients deal with

Nueterra Hosts International Symposium

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Nueterra recently hosted its Borderless Healthcare Symposium in Lima, Peru, on November 6 and 7. The two days of meetings included a panel discussion with the Peruvian Medical Association, Rimac International, local physicians and the Lima Chamber of Commerce. Physicians from top-ranked facilities in the US also presented as experts in

This Week in Medical Travel Today….

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Greetings, As millions of Americans eagerly awaited to hear who the leader of their country would be for the next four years, medical travel professionals awaited the news, but for different reasons. As explored in this issue's FROM THE PUBLISHER column, the re-election of President Barack Obama assures the passage

John Conway, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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Medical Travel Today (MTT): When we spoke with Steve Bonner last year, he indicated that the average Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) patient travels 514 miles one way to reach you for care.  Is that distance about the same or are you seeing patients from even further afield? John Conway