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Rolando D. Rodriguez, Principal, Crosspoint+

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About Rolando D. Rodriguez Rolando has a distinguished career creating and operating new revenue streams for hospitals, launching international healthcare programs, and developing non-profit fundraising campaigns for hospitals and other not-for-profit institutions. Destination Medicine As CEO of Jackson International and president of Jackson Memorial Foundation, Rolando was responsible for the design and growth of International […]

A Medical Traveler’s 5 Musts for Success

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by Amy B. Scher Being chronically ill for much of my young adult life, I learned about “medical tourism” far before it was ever a coined term. Whenever I’d intended to travel for pleasure, I’d often end up not only visiting the tourist sites, but also a medical facility or two. From Costa Rica to […]

Wellness Spa Tourism in Thailand

Thumbnail for Wellness Spa Tourism in Thailand – Health tourism is generally broken down into two branches: medical tourism and wellness tourism. In either case, patients are traveling abroad for healthcare, generally, for cost savings, shorter wait times, and expertise that they cannot receive at home. It is a rapidly growing industry that some have estimated to be worth $40 billion […]

SPOTLIGHT: Mark L. Friedman, M.D., F.A.C.E.P., F.A.C.P., Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer

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First Stop Health From the Editor: Individuals with robust financial resources should be able to navigate their way through the health system and access the best quality care without too much trouble, right? Wrong. Take Patrick Spain, for example. A highly successful business entrepreneur who sold his company, Hoover’s, Inc., for a significant amount of […] Launches Medical Tourism Directory

Thumbnail for Launches Medical Tourism Directory – launched a Web portal to help patients access healthcare anywhere in the world. With increasing healthcare costs and growing demand, patients are beginning to look outside their home market for healthcare options. Patients are becoming better educated, more aware and more mobile, with the willingness and ability to travel further for higher […]

Medical Tourism Expanding

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by Andrew J. Wood – Medical tourism is a $40 billion market that’s expanding 25 percent a year, according to the guidebook Patients Beyond Borders. U.S. patients can save 65-90 percent by seeking treatment in Thailand for ailments ranging from a coronary artery bypass to rhinoplasty and sex reassignment surgery. The average cost of […]

Sun, Sea, Sand, and Surgery

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by Geri Bain ASTA Network Magazine has published an article on medical travel article entitled,”Sun, Sea, Sand, and Surgery,” in its Summer 2013 issue. Author of the article, Geri Bain, has included input from medical travel expert, Laura Carabello, executive editor and publisher of Medical Travel Today. To read the full article click here.