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Richard Krasner, Medical Tourism Blogger

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Contact Info Phone: 561-738-0458 Cell: 561-603-1685 Email: richard_krasner@hotmail.com Skype: richard.krasner Blog Website: http://wp.me/p2QJfz-gy Medical Travel Today (MTT): Tell us your position in the medical tourism industry, as well as your thoughts on integrating medical tourism into workers’ compensation cases in the U.S. Richard Krasner (RK): Currently, I am a blogger, blogging about the implementation of medical […]

CMI Abasto: A Medical Tourist’s FINAL Solution for Addiction, Depression and Eating Disorders

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CMI Abasto, a medical facility located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, uses both traditional medicine and philosophy to diagnose and treat patients from all over the world who suffer from addiction, depression and eating disorders in an effort to provide a better quality of life. CMI has made a significant presence in the U.S. over the […]

Ten Years On: One Person’s View of Where the Medical Tourism Industry Will be a Decade from Now

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by Richard Krasner In these uncertain times, it is difficult, if not impossible, to predict from one minute to the next, one day to the next, one month to the next, or one year to the next, how any industry will grow and what its future will look like. So to predict where one sees […]

Safeguards Needed to Protect Medical Tourists

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by Amy Miler, Penningtons Solicitors LLP Medical tourism is a growing industry with an estimated 50,000 Britons who went overseas last year for medical treatment. The reason for this seems to be down to the difference in cost, but medical tourism is not without its problems, and people can often end up in very difficult […]

DNV Receives Accreditation from the International Society for Quality in Healthcare

“Receiving the highly esteemed honor of ISQua accreditation demonstrates to ministries of health, hospitals, funders and key stakeholder groups that organizations receiving DNV’s international accreditation meet the highest international benchmarks for standards and are focused on continuous improvement,” says Karen Timmons, Global Business director for Healthcare in DNV. DNV’s International Hospital standard integrates a quality […]

Medical Tourism: Latin America is a Prime Destination

by John Benson The high cost of healthcare has created the lucrative phenomenon of medical tourism. An IPK International survey revealed roughly 3 percent of the world’s population travels to foreign countries for medical treatment, while Patients Beyond Borders, which publishes international medical travel guidebooks, reported the medical tourism industry is a $40 billion a […]

New Study Reveals Wellness Tourism a $439 Billion Market, Representing 1 in 7 Tourism Dollars

SRI International Report Released at 2013 Global Wellness Tourism Congress Shows Wellness-Focused Travel Will Reach $678.5 Billion by 2017-Nearly 50 Percent More Growth Than Global Tourism Overall A new study presented at the inaugural Global Wellness Tourism Congress (GWTC) found wellness tourism is a near half-trillion dollar market, representing 14 percent of total global tourism […]

Aquarius Announcement – Columbia University & Aquarius Capital Announce Nineteen (19) New Research Projects

Michael Frank and Donald Rusconi of Aquarius Capital to teach as professors at Columbia University in the Masters in Actuarial Science program. They will teach a course called “A Global Perspective on the Health Insurance Market” beginning in September 2013, similar to the two previous courses taught in 2012 and 2013. The program will be […]

Interview: ‘Patient-Centered’ Promises Missing In Endocrinology, Fueling Shortages, Wait Times

The promise of “patient-centered” healthcare, with a focus on rewarding outcomes, would seem to be good news for endocrinologists. But according to a leader in their community, the rhetoric of healthcare reform isn’t matching the reality. The results are shortages of endocrinologists and long wait times for patients. To confront epidemics of obesity and diabetes, […]

SPOTLIGHT: Sonny Vu, CEO, Misfit Wearables

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Medical Travel Today (MTT):    Tell us a little bit about what your company does. Sonny Vu (SV): Misfit Wearables develops goods and services that enable communities to thrive. Our main focus is manufacturing wearable sensor products. We create opportunities for people to express their ability for creativity and productivity in meaningful ways. MTT: How did […]

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