Stomatology Under General Anesthesia in Belarus

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Belarusian Tour Operator "MasterVisit" Post address: Ragachouskaja str. 19-128, 220056, Minsk, BELARUS Skype: mvbelarus GSM: +375 (29) 577-39-79 Viber: +375 (33) 333-53-51 E-mail: Dentistry under general anesthesia is a modern method of rendering dental service and the best way to treat teeth quickly, painlessly

SPOTLIGHT: Edward Arriaga, Co-founder, C’est La Vie Consultants

Fallback Image About Edward Arriaga Edward holds a special interest in international business and marketing strategies. Edward is a medical tourism facilitator specializing in plastic surgery. He has held various leadership positions such as senior vice president, director of Marketing and Operations, and CEO for various reputable