SPOTLIGHT: Tim Vicknair, co-founder and managing director, European Medical Tourist (EMT)

Fallback Image +1 512 784 5824 bs +1 919 595 3612 fx About European Medical Tourist (EMT) EMT began from the personal experiences of its founders, who worked in international business and had medical procedures performed overseas in Western countries. Both were impressed by the quality of care,

Part Two: ‘Choosing the Good Hospital’

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Part Two: ‘Choosing the Good Hospital' Helping medical tourists make informed decisions by Sharon Kleefield Part One was featured in January's issue of MTT. The business case Medical tourism offers business opportunities for entrepreneurs and governments to increase revenues from tourism. For example, Thailand made an early

NASH Launches First-of-a-Kind Travel Surgery Practice

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PRESS RELEASE: NASH Launches First-of-a-Kind Travel Surgery Practice: Serves US Patients, US Self-Insured Employers, Plan Sponsors, TPAs, and Healthcare Business Coalitions Introducing Program in Cancun DENVER, CO - January 17, 2017 - The North American Specialty Hospital (NASH) announces the opening of a first-of-a-kind center of excellence in the