Industry News: Volume 10, Issue 15

INDUSTRY NEWS  Key Takeaways from HLTH  By Laura Carabello   Digital. Technology. And more Digital Technologies  Technology and digital solutions dominated the conversation and the exhibit floor:  AI, machine learning, remote monitoring, advanced analytics, robotics and devices to diagnose, treat and resolve just about any disease or condition.    If the human touch of doctors, nurses and

VOLUME 3 ISSUE 24: RD Whitney, CEO, Validation Institute Discusses Medical Travel as a Way to Reduce Costs

Dear Colleagues, In this issue, RD Whitney, CEO of Validation Institute (VI), a membership organization made up of a network of health care vendors, health benefits advisors, and purchaser benefit managers focused on delivering better health value and stronger outcomes than conventional healthcare, describes the innovators and companies that are using

Spotlight Interview: RD Whitney, CEO, Validation Institute

About RD Whitney With 29 years in leadership at 15 companies building professional communities in 23 industries, I am putting my skills, passions and networking connections to work in a venture that can truly make a difference in the nation’s competitiveness and in people’s lives. Warren Buffett called heath care the “tapeworm” of the US economy.

Industry News: Volume 3 Issue 24

PRESS RELEASE: Echosens Releases White Paper: Addressing Risk for Cirrhosis, Liver Failure and Liver Cancer Among America’s Veterans Download “Aligning with the Veterans Administration to Battle Chronic Liver Disease” October 08, 2019 09:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Echosens, a high-technology company offering the FibroScan family of products, today announces the release of its White Paper, “Aligning with

Volume 10, Issue 14: Rick Louie, Principal, Hospital Pricing Specialists, LLC Sheds Light on Complex Pricing Models

Dear Colleagues, Medical Travel Today is excited to introduce you to Rick Louie, Principal, Hospital Pricing Specialists, LLC, a boutique data analytics company that benchmarks hospital prices for hospital CFOs and strategic pricing consultants In this exclusive interview, Louie explains how Hospital Pricing Specialists makes concepts like transparent and bundled pricing more consumer friendly through its award-winning

Spotlight Interview: Rick Louie, Principal, Hospital Pricing Specialists, LLC

About Rick Louie Over 25 years of experience with hospital benchmarking and operations improvement, with emphasis on hospital pricing. Co-founded Market Insights -- a healthcare informatics firm, including software development and database management. SVP of Business Intelligence at Health Data Insights, a Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (“RAC”) contractor for Region D

Industry News: Volume 10, Issue 14

Americans pay up to 67 times more for drugs than those in other countries By Maia Anderson– A report released Sept. 23 by the House Ways & Means Committee shows that Americans pay on average nearly four times more for prescription drugs than 11 economically similar countries. The report, titled "A Painful Pill to Swallow: U.S. vs. International Prescription Drug

VOLUME 3 ISSUE 23: Lawrence Thompson & Stephen Manzelli, co-founders, Inventavis Discuss the Development of Association Health Plans Regulations and Services

Dear Colleagues, In this issue, we talk with Lawrence Thompson & Stephen Manzelli, co-founders, Inventavis, serving a wide range of customers through innovative, expert strategic guidance on a variety of business elements including new customer markets, programs, services and products for the Health plan vertical. In this exclusive interview, Thompson and Manzelli discuss the development of

Spotlight Interview: Lawrence Thompson & Stephen Manzelli, co-founders, Inventavis

About Lawrence Thompson With 40 years of success in the benefit industry, Mr. Thompson provides guidance and expertise for every engagement. His knowledge of administration, technology, compliance, plan design, reinsurance and the market make him a critical resource for our clients. Mr. Thompson has worked for major insurance carriers, the Blues, TPA’s and technology companies.