Volume 9, Issue 15: ScriptSourcing Helps Employers and Employees Lower the Cost of Prescription Medications

Dear Colleagues, This month our spotlight interview highlights Gary Becker, CEO, ScriptSourcing which works with employers to rein in the costs of Rx spending through a coordinated, seamless approach.  Gary’s ScriptSourcing solution involves several key medical travel components and other programs that run through a system that helps employees and employers significantly mitigate Rx

Volume 9, Issue 14: Effective U.S.-Based Global Medical Tourism Company, Placidway, and Why Patients Are Choosing Dental Care in Costa Rica over the U.S. and Canada

Dear Colleagues, This month our spotlight interview highlights Pramod Goel, President and Founder, PlacidWay, a U.S.-based global medical tourism company with presence in over 40 countries worldwide, offering the most comprehensive solution to over 650 medical providers globally, from India to Turkey to Mexico and Costa Rica. Goel delves into how

Volume 9, Issue 13: Successful Argentina-based Medical Facility CANDOR Promotes Medical and Philosophical Therapies for Patients and Families

Dear Colleagues, This month Kim Advent, Founder and President, Avanti Wellness L.L.C, is discussing her work in the “Paris” of the Americas, Buenos Aires, helping patients, and their families, struggling with addiction and/or mental disorders. We learned a lot about the various theories of battling addiction during our interview with Kim—and

Volume 9, Issue 12

Volume 9, Issue 12 Dear Colleagues, Mike Dendy, MBA/MHA, vice chairman & CEO, Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (AMPS) is certainly a market leader and really “gets it” when the subject is how to reduce employer healthcare costs while keeping employees satisfied with quality healthcare benefits. We learned a lot during our interview with

Volume 9, Issue 11

Volume 9, Issue 11 Dear Colleagues, This month’s spotlight interview features Patrick C. Toy, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics. We had the opportunity to discuss the increasing demand for total joint replacement surgery and their commitment to quality. We also include an update on the new mobile healthcare options sweeping the US, the effect of China’s Thermal High Altitude Area

Volume 9, Issue 10

Volume 9, Issue 10 Dear Colleagues: The SFU Medical Tourism Research Group is a research group from Simon Fraser University that studies medical tourism. Our spotlight interview features Valorie A. Crooks, Ph.D., Canada Research Chair in Health Service Geographies, SFU Medical Tourism Research Group, who discusses research and trends in medical tourism. This


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Dear Colleagues: As the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reverberates throughout the healthcare industry, the necessity for international and domestic medical travel heightens. See our interview with Adel Eldin, M.D., who discusses his role in providing culturally sensitive treatment to patients traveling for care. Placing heavy emphasis on

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Dear Colleagues: Varsha LaFargue, founder and director of the Indian Medical Tourism Conference & Alliance, is steeped in the healthcare industry:  her family of industry professionals has worked together for nearly seven decades to offer a wide range of healthcare services that span from manufacturing to consulting. Placing significant focus on connecting providers and patients globally, LaFargue's comprehensive

This Week in Medical Travel Today…

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  Dear Colleagues: Medical Travel Today has previously reviewed Aruba’s healthcare system and has chosen this week to interview, Leonid Kozlov, an international ballet dancer who has decided on Aruba as his retirement destination. As a word traveler, Kozlov notes the desirable healthcare

This Week in Medical Travel Today…

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Volume 7, Issue 13 Dear Colleagues: Credibility and the development of standards are key factors for optimizing the success of the medical travel industry, both domestic and international. While there are divergent perspectives on this issue, readers will find our SPOTLIGHT interview featuring