Volume 9, Issue 23: Paul Grundy, “Godfather” of the Patient Centered Medical Home model and Global Director of Healthcare Transformation, HealthTeamWorks

Dear Colleagues, In this issue, please take the opportunity to meet Paul Grundy, MD, known as the “godfather” of the Patient Centered Medical Home movement. Paul is the global director of Healthcare Transformation, HealthTeamWorks. HealthTeamWorks is a nationally recognized provider of healthcare quality improvement services that achieves measurable impact through systems

Volume 9, Issue 22: HNC Virtual Solutions: Using FDA-approved Wireless Remote Diagnostic Peripherals to Change the Way Patients Access Care

Dear Colleagues, At the recent Healthcare Datapalooza, I had the honor of moderating a fabulous panel on employer purchasing of healthcare benerfits with Lisa Woods, Walmart and Ruth Coleman, founder of Health Design Plus.  See the video clip below and an overview of the panel presentation – which was very well

Volume 9, Issue 21: The Kempton Group, TPA of Self-funded Employer-sponsored Benefit Plans Since 1969

Volume 9, Issue 21 Dear Colleagues, This month our spotlight interview highlights Joseph "Jay" Kempton, Jr., President and CEO of The Kempton Group, a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) of self-funded employer-sponsored benefit plans since 1969. In this exclusive interview, Kempton shares his perspectives on the changing role that a TPA plays in the ever-changing health landscape.

Volume 9, Issue 20: Axial Benefits Group: Full-service Benefits Company Specializing in Healthcare Purchasing Coalitions

Dear Colleagues, This month our spotlight interview highlights Michael J. Rodgers, Jr., Principal and Managing Partner of Axial Benefits Group. In this exclusive interview, we learn exactly how Axial Benefits Group successfully specializes in Healthcare Purchasing Coalitions for mid-size companies and direct contracting with hospitals and providers to build their own HMO

Volume 9, Issue 19: The Emerging Health & Travel Insurance Company and Agency You Want to Know About

Dear Colleagues, This month our Spotlight Interview highlights Griselle Chernys, CEO, PayerFusion Holdings and WellAway Limited. With 30+ years’ experience, Chernys, is one of the most honored healthcare administrators and healthcare management entrepreneurs in the field today. Read on to learn about the fascinating dynamics of WellAway Limited, a unique company that provides

Volume 9, Issue 18: Global Healthcare Connections, Inc: Canada’s Medical Tourism Leader

Dear Colleagues, This month our spotlight interview highlights Adele Kulyk, CEO and Founder, Global Healthcare Connections, Inc., Canadian owned and operated Medical Travel and Tourism Agency. As a recognized leader in the International Medical Travel Industry, they are known globally for their extensive knowledge of the Canadian Healthcare System and how to connect to the Canadian patient. We’re

Volume 9, Issue 17: IndiCure Health Tours: The Mecca of Medical Tourism in India 

Dear Colleagues, This month our spotlight interview highlights Annu Puri, Co-Founder, IndiCure Health Tours, the largest medical tourism company in India and counted among the most reputable medical tourism companies in the world providing one-stop solution to international medical tourists traveling to India. We’re also bringing our readers information on the true

Volume 9, Issue 16: Renew Bariatrics Brings Patient to Mexico for Weight Loss

Dear Colleagues, This month our spotlight interview highlights Anna Reynolds, Patient Coordinator, Renew Bariatrics, Inc., a medical tourism company focusing on weight-loss surgery partnering with leading bariatric surgeons, surgical facilities, and hospitals to provide transparent and all-inclusive packages for patients in Mexico. We’re also bringing our readers information about how video remote

Volume 9, Issue 15: ScriptSourcing Helps Employers and Employees Lower the Cost of Prescription Medications

Dear Colleagues, This month our spotlight interview highlights Gary Becker, CEO, ScriptSourcing which works with employers to rein in the costs of Rx spending through a coordinated, seamless approach.  Gary’s ScriptSourcing solution involves several key medical travel components and other programs that run through a system that helps employees and employers significantly mitigate Rx