News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 10

Brazil suspends beef exports to China due to mad cow case: exporter – SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Brazilian exporters selling beef to China face a temporary ban on shipments as Brazil deals with an atypical case of mad cow disease in Mato Grosso state, a representative of a leading exporter told Reuters on Monday on condition

News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 9

U.S. trust in pharma ticks upward, but consumers still distrust the industry: survey – The good news is trust in the pharma industry is up. The bad news is that it’s still not enough to move the industry out of "distrusted" status. Edelman’s annual trust barometer research recorded an increase of 6

News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 8

How Hong Kong’s Health System Favors Outward Medical Tourism – Walking through the passageways at the North District Hospital in Hong Kong, it may be difficult to ignore one sign on the notice board. The sign stares at all who care to read and lists all the services available in

News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 7

Patient cost largely unrelated to procedure price or insurance coverage, study finds –Little correlation exists between what a patient pays for a service and the amount an insurer pays or the overall price of a procedure, according to a new study from right-leaning think tank Pioneer Institute. The study, which examines data from

News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 6

Medicine alone can’t lengthen US lives. We need to invest outside the health care system –For the third consecutive year, life expectancy in the United States has declined. In fact, for the past 60 years our life expectancy has dropped in comparison to other rich countries. As we consider the state of our

News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 5

Morethan 90% of world’s children breathe toxic air, report says, as India prepares for most polluted season --Around 93% of the world's children under 15 years of age breathe air that is so polluted it puts their health and development at serious risk, accounting for 1.8 billion children, according to

News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 4

Payers Partner with Trade Orgs to Roll Out Association Health Plans --Healthcare payers are beginning to launch partnerships with trade organizations and chambers of commerce to provide association health plans (AHPs) to small businesses and contractors.The roll out of AHPs follows federal and state efforts to position AHPs as an option for individual or

News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 3

Trump Makes it Easier for Employers to Pay Workers for Health Coverage– The Trump administration is expanding employers' ability to give workers cash to buy heath care coverage elsewhere, including on the Obamacare exchanges, senior officials announced Monday. Although Widely Deployed, Employees Slow to Use Telemedicine – While the majority of employer-sponsored

News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 2

Survey: Per-employee Healthcare Costs Expected to Increase 4.1% in 2019 Costs in employer health benefit plans are projected to increase by 4.1% in 2019, according to early datafrom the Mercer National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans. The increase is on par with this year's growth of 4.2% and generally in line with

News In Review: Volume 10, Issue 1

AAFP Adds Five New ‘Choosing Wisely’ Recommendations - The AAFP has added five new recommendations to its Choosing Wisely list,which highlights medical tests, treatments and procedures that may be unnecessary and should prompt discussion between patients and their physicians. Trump Administration Clears Way for Obamacare Insurer Program - The Trump administration