Volume 3 Issue 10: Industry News

Seema Verma Tells Docs CMS will Reduce EHR Documentation Burdens By: Greg Slabodkin HealthDataManagament.com- America’s physicians are spending too much time as data entry clerks focused on “burdensome and often mindless” administrative tasks that are distracting them from direct patient care, a serious problem in healthcare that the Centers for

SPOTLIGHT: David Contorno, President and CEO, Lake Norman Benefits

About David Contorno David Contorno is an Employee Benefit Consultant and Business Manager with strong community service ties spanning more than 21 years of professional experience. Contorno is a highly-experienced industry trend setter in the Health Insurance Industry with practical understanding of Career-Provided Relationships, Actuarial Impacts, Plan Fundamentals and Cutting-Edge Design

Volume 3 Issue 9: Industry News

New Partnership Aims to Launch Employer Bundled Payment Programs By: Les Masterson Healthcaredive.com – Dive Brief: The National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, a nonprofit network of business coalitions that includes more than 12,000 purchasers covering 45 million Americans, is partnering with Remedy Partners to create bundled payment programs. The initiative is

Volume 3, Issue 8: Brad Hahn, Founder, Solidarity HealthShare, Brings Catholic Traditions into Healthcare, Lowers Medical Costs for Families with Respect to Human Sanctity

Dear Colleagues: In this exclusive interview, you will meet Brad Hahn, a deeply committed Catholic who helped found Solidarity HealthShare. Solidarity HealthShare is a Catholic health care system promoting the Church’s teachings and traditions, while also introducing affordable ways to help families pay for medical costs. We willdiscuss the start of

SPOTLIGHT: Brad Hahn, Founder, Solidarity HealthShare

About Brad Hahn Bradley Hahn is a deeply committed Catholic who helped found Solidarity HealthShare as a means for Catholic Americans to have an ethical and affordable way to pay for medical care costs. Bradley is a Phoenix-based attorney who regularly consults on end-of-life issues as they relate to Catholic social

Volume 3, Issue 8: Industry News

Consumers Like Telehealth, But Still Prefer Face-to-Face Healthcare By: Eric Wicklund, MHealth Intelligence mhealthintelligence.com - Consumers are eager to have their doctors use telehealth – but many haven’t tried the technology themselves, and they’re not convinced it’s as good as an in-person exam. Those somewhat contradictory points, made in a survey conducted late

Volume 3, Issue 7: Paul Elsass, Senior Vice President Business Development, Vivante Health on Digital health in the Digestive Disease Space

Dear Colleagues: In this exclusive interview, Paul Elsass, Senior Vice President Business Development, Vivante Health, discusses a coordinated care model for digital health in the digestive disease space. This issue brings you the recent partnership of Avizia and VeeMed, CMS’s consideration of a direct provider contracting model and How Zika could be