SPOTLIGHT: Brad Hahn, Founder, Solidarity HealthShare

About Brad Hahn Bradley Hahn is a deeply committed Catholic who helped found Solidarity HealthShare as a means for Catholic Americans to have an ethical and affordable way to pay for medical care costs. Bradley is a Phoenix-based attorney who regularly consults on end-of-life issues as they relate to Catholic social

Volume 3, Issue 8: Industry News

Consumers Like Telehealth, But Still Prefer Face-to-Face Healthcare By: Eric Wicklund, MHealth Intelligence - Consumers are eager to have their doctors use telehealth – but many haven’t tried the technology themselves, and they’re not convinced it’s as good as an in-person exam. Those somewhat contradictory points, made in a survey conducted late

Volume 3, Issue 7: Paul Elsass, Senior Vice President Business Development, Vivante Health on Digital health in the Digestive Disease Space

Dear Colleagues: In this exclusive interview, Paul Elsass, Senior Vice President Business Development, Vivante Health, discusses a coordinated care model for digital health in the digestive disease space. This issue brings you the recent partnership of Avizia and VeeMed, CMS’s consideration of a direct provider contracting model and How Zika could be

Volume 3, Issue 7: Industry News

PRESS RELEASE: AVIZIA AND VEEMED PARTNER TO ENABLE SEAMLESS, POWERFUL TELEHEALTH PROGRAMS RESTON, Va. & SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Avizia, powering system-wide telehealth, has announced its partnership with VeeMed, a leading provider of physician services for telehealth. The partnership aligns Avizia’s system-wide telehealth platform with VeeMed’s provider services for

Volume 3, Issue 6: Renata Castro, Esq, Castro Legal Group, Highlights the Legal Ramifications of Medical Tourism

Dear Colleagues: In this exclusive interview, Renata Castro, Esq, Castro Legal Group, discusses how increased medical tourism to the U.S. has impacted immigration laws. This issue brings you the stories of the unsung heroes of medical travel: caregivers, UnitedHealthcare’s expansion of direct-to-consumer pharmacy discounts to millions of Americans, FlightMedx’s plans to expand

SPOTLIGHT: Renata Castro, founder of Castro Legal Group

About Renata Castro, Esq. Renata Castro, Esq. is a vibrant attorney who graduated from the prestigious Nova Southeastern University School of Law in Davie, Florida and admitted to practice by the Florida Bar. Founder of the Castro Legal Group, in Pompano Beach, Florida, Renata focuses her practice in Immigration Matters. Born

Volume 3, Issue 6: Industry News

MEDICAL TRAVEL COMPANIONS: THE UNSUNG CAREGIVERS By: Laura Carabello - Among those who travel across the country or around the world to seek affordable, quality healthcare, 83 percent travel with a companion. Whether undergoing treatments or recovery, the physical and moral support that these caregiver/companions bring to medical travel patients is

SPOTLIGHT: Tim Isenhower, Director of Benefits, HSM

  About Tim Isenhower Tim Isenhower, Director of Benefits – has worked with HSM and their self-insured health insurance for the past 25 years. Managing a self-insured health plan through the 90’s to today has provided him the opportunity to think out of the box for reduced healthcare cost programs including direct