Malaysia a Top Venue for Infertility Treatment

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by Priscilla PrasenaThe success rate is 60 percent, contributing significantly to the country’s reputation as a destination for medical tourists. (— Malaysia’s high success rate in treating infertility is a major factor in making the country one of the world’s top destinations for medical tourists, according to the Malaysia Healthcare and Travel Council (MHTC). “Our success rate for infertility treatment is 60 percent and this tops the world,” says MHTC chief executive Mary Wong. “Patients flock here from Indonesia, India, Japan, the UK, Bangladesh and Nepal.” Quoting statistics from the Health Ministry, she said Malaysia received 671,000 medical tourists last year. She did not say how many of them sought treatment for infertility. Meanwhile, the Medical Travel Quality Alliance, which has offices in Thailand and the U.S., has reported that its most recent annual evaluation placed Malaysia as the fifth most desirable destination for medical tourists. The same survey named the Prince Court Medical Centre in Ampang as the world’s top hospital for tourists, followed by Asklepios Clinik in Barmbek ( Germany), Clemenceau Medical Center in Beirut and Fortis Hospital in Bangalore. To continue reading click here.

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