MTTI Announces Launch of “Welcoming the World”

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Medical Tourism Training Inc. has announced the first-of-its-kind on-line and on-site program, “Welcoming the World: Building an Outstanding International Patient Department.” Created by its team of internationally recognized healthcare and training experts, “Welcoming the World” is a fully scalable and flexible package for both new and established International Patient Departments. Providers small and large will benefit from the training, systems, forms and structure of this uniquely designed offering. “Welcoming the World” is perfect for dental and medical providers from single offices to multi-hospital chains which serve domestic and international patients from outside their usual service areas. With a focus on the customer experience, the program offers practical and detailed information about staffing, department infrastructure, forms and systems, billing and financial issues, and concierge services. According to Pam Frank, former Director of International Health Services at Children’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, “We focused on the basic information dental and medical care providers need to build or improve services for patients coming from different countries or regions. These valuable clients and their family members notice every detail from arrival to departure, plus they serve as word-of-mouth advertising, both good and bad. To succeed, healthcare providers must deliver a patient experience that is better than their competitors. The comprehensive, yet flexible design of “Welcoming the World” ensures the competitive edge for our clients.” The affordable on-line course gives users the option to study at their own pace, in the comfort of home or office. With a running time of more than five hours plus, knowledge checks and reviewing sample documents, it is a complete “Do It Yourself” kit. Clients can take advantage of adding additional support with essay questions, including expert feedback, or by purchasing online consulting services to answer specific questions. Medical Tourism Training, Inc. offers stand-alone consulting services in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic for clients who want the company’s team of experts to provide services on-site to build or improve patient services. These options appeal to health and wellness providers of every size and for every budget. Elizabeth Ziemba, President of Medical Tourism Training, offers words of advice for clients new to online study in her article, “Tips to Maximize the Investment in On-line Learning,” saying, “Setting goals, scheduling time and sharing the information with co-workers contribute to improved learning, sharing content and implementing what is learned. Turning individualized learning into team work generates the most value for employees and employers.”   To register for courses or to get more information about training and consulting services, visit today.

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