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Superbugs Spread to 40 Nations Threatening India Medical Tourism 
sfgate.com – India’s $12.4 billion pharmaceutical industry manufactures almost a third of the world’s antibiotics, and people use them so liberally that relatively benign and beneficial bacteria are becoming drug-immune in a pool of resistance that thwarts even high-powered antibiotics, the so-called remedies of last resort.

Why Travel Agents Are Back From The Dead (And Why You Should Care)
Time.com – Travel agents were once the poster children for that Old Economy horror movie Things The Internet Will Destroy. From a high of 34,000 in the mid-1990s, the ranks of agencies has been sliced by more than half, to roughly 15,000 today.


Would you go to Turkey for teeth work, or Belgium for a boob job? What happens if it goes wrong
thisismoney.co.uk – Tens of thousands of medical tourists who go overseas for cheap operations are leaving themselves at risk if things go wrong.

More than 70,000 British residents each year jet off to other countries to have operations and procedures as a way of side-stepping National Health Service waiting lists or saving as much as £10,000.

Czechs launch surgical strike to boost medical tourism
ceskapozice.cz – Tourism promotion agency CzechTourism has launched Internet campaigns in and around half a dozen countries aimed at plugging into the ever-growing market for so-called “surgical stays.”

Internet campaigns targeting Britain, Russia and other post-Soviet states, Germany, Switzerland and several rich Arab countries are vaunting the country’s reputation for high quality and cheap surgical and healthcare treatment with the aim of attracting more medical tourists to the country.



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