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Border Town Targets Underinsured For Medical Tourism
Fronteradesk.org – On a recent Saturday morning, a group of strangers gathered in the parking lot of the Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas. There they boarded a van with Baja California, Mexico, license plates that would take them to prearranged dentist and doctor’s visits in the Mexican border town of Mexicali.

The new monthly van service from Las Vegas is subsidized by the Mexicali tourism board. The cost for each patient is just $30 round trip.


U.S. patients report inferior care

Fiercehealthcare.com – Not only are sick Americans facing serious financial problems from high healthcare costs (43 percent), but many are experiencing problems with healthcare quality, according to a new poll released yesterday by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, NPR and the Harvard School of Public Health.


Medical tourism sets pulses racing 
themalaysianinsider.com – … “Everyone wants their share of the pie,” Sanjiv Malik, director of DM Healthcare, a Dubai-based network of hospitals, said at a recent conference on medical tourism attended by more than 300 professionals here. The “pie” is getting bigger. Nearly three million patients go abroad for medical treatment every year. Turnover is expected to total 100 billion dollars in 2012, compared with 79 billion in 2010, and increase to 130 billion by 2015, according to global consultancy firm, KPMG.


Websites Aim To Help Consumers Compare Healthcare Costs 
ihealthbeat.org – More startup companies are offering online resources for employers and individuals to find and compare the costs of medical services, Bloomberg reports.

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