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June 28, 2012, 4:42 pm
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News in Review

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HealthCare Consumerism Radio Announces Launch of IHC University Free Webinar Series

digitaljournal.com – During the June 8, 2012, Atlanta Business Radio program, The IHC welcomed MedServ Global’s John Linss and Gordon Church and gBehavior’s Don Doster to the studio, where the trio discussed nontraditional strategies employers can use to curb escalating healthcare costs and improve the overall health and well-being of their employee population.

Domestic Medical Tourism in US Reviewed in New Study 
marketwatch.com – There is a new trend that insurers, employers, hospitals and specialists are happy with — domestic US medical travel where people go to another state for treatment. This trend, however, flies under the radar, with some parts of the medical tourism industry even downgrading it as it makes their services more difficult to sell.


Medical Tourism and Travel: What it Means for Your Hospital

beckershospitalreview.com – Many hospitals and other players in the healthcare industry have been taking careful note of the increasing talk of “medical tourism” and “medical travel,” often with an eye on strategic investments related to what is apparently a fast-growing market. With healthcare organizations under pressure to enhance payor mix, and facing tough competition for patients, it is reasonable to ask, “why not bring in distant patients who are willing to travel to receive care?”


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