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Medical Tourism and Beyond
Dentistryiq.com — As “distasteful” as it sounds, medical tourism seems to have gained a foothold in the marketplace. Until recently, it was almost equivalent to “enlargement” and “beauty” therapy, mostly driven by elective treatments or for non-medical reasons.

Survey Sees Robust Growth for Medical Tourism
Travelmarketpost.com –The medical travel sector is seeing solid growth in international patient numbers and expects the momentum to keep building in the months ahead, according to a new survey of 400 clinics, hospitals and medical tourism facilitators in 77 countries.

A Comprehensive Business Solution for International Health Travel Organizations
Prweb.com — Experts in the international health travel sector announce a collaboration doing business as Medical Travel Insight to offer a full selection of business services to medical travel organizations.

South Korea Promotes Medical Tourism in Middle East Events
Yonhapnews.co.kr –South Korea has successfully hosted events aimed at promoting its medical tourism industry in the Middle East, with a leading Hallyu actor taking regional cities by storm, a government agency said Friday. The events, held in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from March 11 to 14, were intended to publicize South Korea’s national brand Medical Korea, as the nation strives to attract foreign tourists to take advantage of its thriving medical industry.

DNA Integrative Medicine and Wellness Center to be Launched on Saadiyat on May 14
Ameinfo.com — A landmark medical treatment center that could turn the United Arab Emirates (UAE) into a key curative tourism destination will be launched on Saadiyat Island on May 14, according to its operators. DNA Integrative Medicine and Wellness Centre will be based at St. Regis resort on the Island which has been undergoing major development to turn it into one of the most attractive business and tourism centers in the region.

Major Tourism Report Gives Pointers for Medical Tourism
Imtj.com –Countries that are attractive to tourists are often very attractive to health and medical tourists, while the problems that affect some countries can also hold back medical tourism. The fifth Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report ranks 140 countries according to their attractiveness and ability to develop their travel and tourism industries.

Malaysia Now Listed on World Medical Tourism Site
Thestar.com — Malaysia has been listed as a medical tourism destination on MyMEDholiday.com, a portal that provides tips and features for foreign patients seeking comprehensive healthcare services. The portal and ratings site, which has offices in San Francisco and Bangkok, has detailed profiles of over 400 healthcare providers in Asian countries known for their advanced medical care centers.

Medical Tourism: High Tech Diagnostic to the Rescue?
Vanguard.com — All over the world medical tourism has become a major source of income. Saudi Arabia, India, Germany and even Dubai earn very high revenue from medical tourism as a result of the huge investments their governments and individuals made in constructing and equipping hospitals, laboratories and other medical centers with state-of-the-art facilities.

Medical Tourism – Regulations
Globalpost.com — The number of foreign tourists visiting South Korea for medical purposes lagged far behind global peers in 2011 due to the government’s regulations on local hospitals, data showed Tuesday.

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