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News in Review

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$200 Million Medical Travel Facility Proposed for Bahamas
Caribbeannewsnow.com — Executives from the global healthcare venture American World Clinics (AWC) are in the Bahamas this week to discuss the establishment of the country’s biggest medical tourism facility — a $200 million-plus venture to create over 200 jobs post construction.

Growth of the Medical Tourism Industry
Payerfusion.com — The Medical Tourism industry is growing at an exponential rate.  Healthcare consumers are more invested in their care and are willing to travel in search of greater healthcare options, better quality and lower costs.

Medical Tourists Increasing Rapidly
Koreatimes.co.kr — The number of foreign tourists visiting here for medical purposes surpassed 150,000 in 2012, up 27.3 percent from a year earlier.

Rwanda to Boost Medical Tourism
M.news24.com — Rwanda is revamping its creaking health sector in the hopes of luring patients from across its borders to galvanize its tourism industry.

Poland Targets Seven Countries for Medical Tourism
Imtj.com — The Polish Medical Tourism Consortium is an initiative of the Ministry of Economy backed by the private sector. It is targeting potential patients, insurance companies, government health departments, medical tourism providers, business organizations and trade associations, interested in sending patients from Russia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the UK and the US to Poland.

Showcasing TN as Health Tourism Destination
Thehindu.com — Availability of quality and affordable healthcare services has put Tamil Nadu in third spot in drawing overseas patients to the country, next to Delhi and Mumbai.

Taiwan Targets Medical Tourism
Imtj.com — Taiwan is doing rather well at attracting health and medical tourists, with a constant supply of new ideas. In the eastern county of Hualien, traditionally known better for its coastal scenery than medical services, 67 local medical institutions and travel operators have got together to offer high-end medical packages aimed at Chinese tourists. And the local government has set up a Hualien county medical tourism association.

Malaysia Medical Tourism Sector Has Room to Grow
Theborneopost.com — Despite being second best to neighbours Singapore and Thailand, Malaysia is quickly becoming a popular destination for health travelers, boosting the country’s image on the medical tourism front in Asia. Inside Investors noted in its report that medical tourism in Malaysia had emerged as one of the fastest growing segments over the last few years, despite the global economic downturn, with approximately 400,000 health tourists generating over RM380 million in revenue for 2010 alone.

Panama Seeks to Cash in on Medical Tourism Boom
Humanosphere.org — Positioned to capitalize on Panama’s vision as a thriving “hub of the Americas” are the city’s four major private hospitals, variously boasting the latest, first, largest and best in technologies, design, credentials and affiliations. The hospitals invested in these improvements, along with all manner of computer-assisted diagnostics, robotics and electronic medical records, with wealthy Panamanians and expats in mind. But to varying degrees, they’ve been upgrading with an eye toward medical tourists as well.

Hungarian Tourism Promotes Medical Tourism
Imtj.com — Hungarian Tourism Plc is now actively promoting medical tourism globally, but targeted mostly at Western Europe. Hungary is one of the flagship countries of European medical tourism. A quarter of all medical students at Hungarian universities come from abroad, and many Hungarian specialists teach and practice internationally. The main reasons for Hungary’s leading role in European medical tourism are long experience and practice in the international market.

Boao Lecheng to be Built into a World-Class Medical Travel Destination
Whatsonsanya.com — The government of Hainan announced at the Boao Forum for Asia annual conference 2013 that a special plan for the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone has been finalized.




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