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News in Review

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The Goodness Company Announces Sponsorship of Africa Medical Travel Congress
Finance.boston.com — The Goodness Company: Global Healthcare and Medical Tourism Marketing Specialists, announced corporate sponsorship and participation in the 2013 Africa Medical Travel Congress, to be held August 28-30, 2013 in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire, Africa (Ivory Coast).

Medical Tourism is Serious Business
Compasscayman.com — The concept of medical tourism in a nutshell is the movement of patients from expensive territories to cheaper destinations in order to undergo procedures. In this way, healthcare costs can be significantly reduced for the patient while the destinations also benefit from not simply the direct costs associated with procedures, but also a raft of secondary effects.

Ayurveda Helps Kerala Emerge as a Key Medical Tourism Hub
Business-standard.com — The centuries-old tradition of ancient Indian Ayurveda is fast turning Kerala into a global medical tourism destination, attracting holiday travelers, as well as international celebrities to the state.

The Top Five Medical Tourism Destinations in Asia are Joining Forces
Mymedholiday.com — Hoping to bring medical tourists to a variety of places in style is an alliance between the five leading medical tourism destinations in Asia, aiming to strengthen the grasp that these countries have on medical travel in the region. The idea is that everyone benefits more from a bloc of nations cooperating with, as opposed to competing against, each other.

Understanding the Benefits of Medical Travel and Satori World Medical’s Patient Experience
Myhealthpeak.com — Medical travel has gained so much popularity in recent years because it is cost-efficient and budget-friendly. It is no secret that healthcare costs in the US are impractical for many patients.

Chennai Attracts 40 Percent of Medical Tourists Visiting India: CII
Travelbizmonitor.com — Of the total number of medical tourists to India, Chennai attracts about 40 percent. The inflow of medical tourists to India has increased by 23 percent, with Chennai continuing to be the favorite destination, said CII officials.

Why is Medical Tourism in Australia Booming? 
Sbs.com.au—A growing number of Australians are choosing to go overseas, especially to Asia, for medical procedures in a trend known as medical tourism. The procedures include plastic surgery and complex dental work. The motive, often, is the ability to receive treatments at a much lower cost than in Australia.





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