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News in Review

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Medical Tourism in 2013, Facts and Statistics
Medicaltourismresourceguide.com — Currently, medical tourism is exploding worldwide, with a a number of countries now offering inexpensive healthcare. Currently the state of medical tourism is healthy, and poised to grow 30 percent annually.


NCIA to Explore Untapped Medical Tourism Market
Bernama.com.my — The Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) is exploring the untapped medical tourism market in order to take the sector to greater heights.


Malaysia Touts Medical Tourism
Phnompenhpost.com — The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council’s (MHTC) senior official expects the number of Cambodian medical tourists travelling to Malaysia will be double this year after more healthcare promotions are held in the Kingdom.


Thailand is the Medical Travel Hub for MTF Gender Reassignment Surgery
Mymedholiday.com — In the medical travel world, Thailand has made a name for itself as a premier location for cosmetic/plastic surgery, fertility treatments, dental care and dermatological procedures.


Medical Tourism Drawing Visitors from Around the World
Koreaittimes.com — Over the past few years, Korea has seen its tourism industry expand by leaps and bounds. This can be largely attributed to the Korean wave, global recognition of cultural areas, and initiatives to make Korea friendlier to foreigners. However, one area that is causing immense waves is a bit unorthodox: medical tourism.




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