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News in Review

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Upscale Consumers Most Receptive to Medical TourismTravelmarketreport.com— Higher income, well-insured US consumers are more receptive to
travelling overseas for health treatment and are less concerned about the risks involved than those who are uninsured and lower income.

DHA’s Prescription to Boost Medical Tourism in Dubai: 3 New Hospitals, 40 Clinics
Emirates247.com — Vital signs are healthy for medical tourism in the emirate, as the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announces three new hospitals, 40 new health centers and a Dh3 billion redevelopment plan for the existing Rashid Hospital.

Medical Tourism Keeps Growing
Executive-magazine.com — The phrase “medical tourism in Lebanon” conjures for many the idea of visitors from the Gulf sitting in cafés and waiting for nose jobs. In reality, plastic surgery makes up only a small percentage of the country’s international patients’ needs. Eighty-five percent of foreigners who seek treatment in Lebanon do so for other medical reasons, according to Mounes Kalaawi, partner and chief executive of Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC).

Strong Foundation For A Thriving ’Medical Tourism’ Industry In UAE
Middleeastevents.com — The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently witnessing progress in the global medical tourism industry today. Being a melting pot of cultures and located only a few hours away from one- third of the world’s population, the country is increasingly becoming a preferred choice for regional and international medical tourism business.

Research and Markets: Booming Medical Tourism in Malaysia
Fortmilltimes.com — The Malaysian medical tourism industry is going through a phenomenal growth phase, offering immense opportunities for players involved in the business. Despite the global economic downturn, the market is growing exceptionally in each and every field of medical treatment.



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