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News in Review

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VA May Pick Up More Medical Travel Costs
Military.com — The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may soon reimburse veterans for the travel expenses for receiving care at a VA medical center outside their region as an alternative to paying for local but more expensive private providers.

The Top Four Medical Travel Hotspots for Cosmetic Surgery
Mymedholiday.com — There are a handful of Asian countries whose citizens particularly value the potential for improving their looks and self-esteem by going under the knife.  There are also some other places that have simply taken the opportunity to cash in on the explosive growth of international patients seeking  elective procedures overseas .  Whatever the case may be, four leading medical-travel destinations have thriving cosmetic/plastic surgery networks and have become hotspots for that kind of treatment.

India to Remain on Top in Medical Tourism: Top Expert
Deccanherald.com — India will remain on top in medical tourism for at least a decade despite attempts from countries like China and Japan to tap into the flourishing business, because Indian hospitals have English language and skilled manpower advantages, a leading Indian cardiac surgeon has said.

Developments in Medical Tourism in the Caribbean
Imtj.com— Although medical tourism in the Caribbean consists more of outbound trips to the U.S. than inbound business, several countries are seeking to develop local business.

Spain Places Emphasis on Health Tourism
Imtj.com — Fifty-eight million tourists went to Spain in 2012, but as many come from within Europe, so the country worries that economic woes could slow increases in numbers and profitability. Therefore, after being lukewarm on health tourism and sometimes aggressively against medical tourism, Spain now sees health tourism as a potential money-spinner that could rescue some troubled holiday areas.

Medical-tourism, EB-5 Initiatives Near Launch
Caribbeanbusinesspr.com— The government is getting close to announcing new initiatives aimed at making Puerto Rico a world leader in medical tourism and the island an attractive destination for foreign investors, Secretary of State David Bernier told Caribbean Business.Malaysia Competes in Medical Tourism
Ttrweekly.com— Malaysia will promote its medical services in Cambodia, competing head-on with Thailand’s top hospitals. Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council chief executive Mary Wong Lai Lin said Malaysia has identified Cambodia as an emerging market for medical tourism.



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