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News in Review

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2014 Report to Chart Expansion of Medical Tourism Segment

Ameinfo.com — Dubai’s plans to introduce new regulations governing healthcare and roll out a compulsory insurance scheme are expected to boost investment across the sector by producing significant partnership opportunities, the d irector g eneral of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Essa Al Haj Al Maidoor said .

Research and Markets: Middle East Medical Tourism Industry Outlook to 2016 – Medical Tourist Arrivals in Saudi Arabia Projected to Reach 105,000 By 2016

Online.wsj.com — Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Middle East Medical Tourism Industry Outlook to 2016 – Advanced Medical Infrastructure Paving the Way for Future Growth” report to their offering.

Doctors and Tourism Officials Brainstorm on Medical Tourism

Cyprus-mail.com — Medical tourism could contribute towards extending the tourist season in Cyprus, bringing in money and providing jobs during these financially trying times for the island, officials heard yesterday.

Dental Tourism; Why Costa Rica for Dental Procedures?

Costaricantimes.com — Taking care of your gums and teeth are just as important as taking care of the other parts of your body. Untreated dental decay may lead to infection, serious damage to the bone and nerves, tooth loss, and in severe cases may cause death. However, though most people understand the importance of having healthy teeth and gums, not everyone can afford to undergo expensive dental treatments and operations.



Do you know of any available job openings relative to the medical travel industry? We encourage readers to submit any available, relevant job opportunities along with its descriptions and requirements for fellow readers and industry professionals to consider. All submissions are appreciated.


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