News in Review: Volume 9, Issue 12

Why Medical Travel Insurance is a Must When I was 25 and living in Beijing, China, I fainted and fell down a small flight of stairs.

Medical Tourism in Asia to surpass US $14 Billion in five years The growth in medical tourism to Asia shows no signs of slowing down as latest reports estimate the continuing popularity of traveling overseas for low-cost, high-quality healthcare.

First medical tourism awards tout top treatment trips When they can see the world, save cash and get that surgery you wanted, it’s no wonder that increasing numbers of travelers are hopping on a jet in search of cut-price healthcare.

More than 2 billion are overweight or obese globally, new study says

usatoday.comAmong the 20 most-populous countries, the highest level of obesity among children and young adults was in the U.S., at nearly 13%.

Asia Medical Tourism Market and Forecast To 2022A – Asia continues to be the top medical destination in medical travel. Asian medical destinations continue to offer more and better medical procedures and care than most other medical destinations. Several hospitals in Asia have carved such outstanding reputations for themselves that medical tourism has become a major money-spinner. In countries such as Singapore and Thailand, government agencies have been set up to help market their expertise globally.

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