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Laura Carabello


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From the Editor: This week in Medical Travel Today, Laura Carabello

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Better Health Care: A Way Forward

Turkey Becomes Hot Destination for Arab Investors

How Telehealth Plays a Big Role in Medical Tourism

Government Plans to Put Maharashtra on Medical Tourism Map

Spotlight Interview

Alejandro Badia, M.D., FACS, Creator and Founder, Badia Hand to Shoulder Center

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36th Annual National Educational Conference & Expo

Top Notch Surrogacy Cryopreserved Embryos in Tbilisi Georgia 


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Volume 8, Issue 24

Dear Colleagues:

As the cost of healthcare in the U.S. continues to rise, an increasing number of Americans are seeking high-quality, affordable care overseas. What the public may not be familiar with, however, is "reverse medical travel."

Alejandro Badia, M.D., FACS, creator and founder, Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, coined the term "reverse medical travel," also known as inbound medical tourism, in reference to individuals outside of the U.S. who seek innovative and less invasive technologies/treatments in the U.S. that are not available in their home country. Treatments can include cosmetic surgery, dentistry, cardiovascular, orthopedics, cancer, reproductive health, weight loss and health screenings, as well as second opinions.

Dr. Badia has been treating reverse medical travel patients for more than eight years, and notes that the number of international patients visiting his practice in Florida continues to rise.

Self-insured employers of all sizes are re-evaluating the size and scope of their networks to ensure that individuals are accessing quality care at the most cost-effective sites.  SIIA has once again invited me to chair a panel presentation at the upcoming Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, September 25-27, 2016.

Judging from the turnout and enthusiasm at last year's event, I am certain that this year will be even better.  Take a look at the speakers - high profile leaders who are positioned to make these decisions for the marketplace.  http://www.siia.org/

Whether you are an employer, provider or intermediary, you will want to attend. Look forward to seeing you in September!

We're starting to hear from many hospitals, independent surgi-centers and provider groups that want to be better positioned to serve self-funded employers offering medical/surgical travel options.  If you have a good story to tell us, please be in touch!  We want to boost opportunities for Centers of Excellence nationwide. 

Tell us:

What distinguishes your service offering in terms of cost, patient experience and satisfaction, outcomes, or other quality indicators. 

Send us your descriptor, including photos or charts, and we will evaluate for publication in this newsletter.
Please be in touch and let me know how you are surviving and thriving in this emerging marketplace. 

Laura Carabello
Editor and Publisher
Medical Travel Today

Editor's Note: Umut Hospital in Ordu City, Turkey, believes that health is the most valuable, divine gift and without health, no wealth has value.

There is a good possibility that Turkey will become a leading medical travel destination. The country is recognized as a competitive and high-tech healthcare destination, which treats thousands of foreign patients from Europe and neighboring countries each year. Additionally, Turkey's medical facilities offer significant cost savings in comparison to private healthcare facilities in other countries. For example, the cost of medical care is around 80 percent less expensive in comparison to the U.S. and Europe.

Ordu - known for its hospitality - offers wonderful all-inclusive resorts and boutique hotels, which allow individuals to fully relax and recover after surgical interventions.

Umut Hospital's private clinic employs well-trained doctors who each meet international standards.

I invite you to learn more about Umut Hospital by visiting its website, here.

For additional details about Umut Hospital's specialties, see below:


  • Emergency Health Service
  • Anesthesia and Reanimation
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Brain and Nerve Surgeon
  • Dermatology
  • Children Health and Sickness
  • Infection
  • Physical Therapy
  • General Surgeon
  • Breast
  • Eye
  • Internal Medicine
  • Ear, Nose, Throat
  • Gynecological disorders and Fertile
  • Cardiology
  • Laboratory
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedic
  • Aesthetic
  • Radiology
  • Urology





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SPOTLIGHT: Alejandro Badia, M.D., FACS, Creator and Founder, Badia Hand to Shoulder Center





About Alejandro Badia, M.D., FACS
Alejandro Badia, M.D., FACS is a hand and upper extremity surgeon at Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, a fully integrated clinical facility for the upper limb, including hand, wrist, shoulder and elbow, located in Doral, Florida. Dr. Badia was educated at Cornell and NYU, trained in orthopedics at Bellevue Hospital/NYU Medical Center, followed with a hand/microsurgery fellowship in Pittsburgh and trauma fellowship in Germany. He has served as worldwide president of the International Society for Sport Traumatology of the Hand (ISSPORTH) and co-founded the Miami Anatomical Research and Training Center (M.A.R.C.), the world's largest surgical cadaveric training lab and The Surgery Center at Doral, an elite state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center.

Dr. Badia has published numerous articles, written multiple book chapters, and has been an invited speaker or lecturer in nearly 25 countries. He is a member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH), American Association for Hand Surgery (AAHS) and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), as well as numerous other international hand surgery and arthroscopy associations. Additionally, Dr. Badia served as honored professor at the prestigious Philadelphia Hand Course. For 10 consecutive years, Dr. Badia has been on the editorial review board of the Techniques in Upper Extremity Surgery, comprised of International key opinion leaders in upper limb surgery. Dr. Badia runs an active international hand fellowship, serves on the editorial board of two hand journals and for eight consecutive years, organized a two-day conference and learning symposium for surgeons/therapists devoted to upper limb arthroscopy and arthroplasty.

After years of a successful medical career and a renowned international speaking legacy, he saw a need for specialized orthopedic urgent care centers to immediately assess and treat a range of orthopedic and sports injuries, and founded OrthoNOW®, the only orthopedic urgent care center franchise in the country. He serves as medical director of the franchise's flagship location in Doral, Florida, which has a team of orthopedic specialists on staff that treat broken bones, sprains, torn ligaments and muscles, cuts, sports and workers compensation injuries.

Dr. Badia, a two-time South Florida Business Journal Top 100 Power Leaders in Healthcare and a Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executive Leader by Diversity MBA Magazine, has also been honored with Legacy Awards from Today's Work Comp Professionals and The Doral Business Council. OrthoNOW® was named a "Top Ten Franchise Opportunity" in healthcare by Entrepreneur Magazine and featured in the following media: Franchise Times, Orthopedics This Week, South Florida Business Journal, Franchise USA Magazine and The Miami Herald. For more information visit: www.drbadia.com or @drbadia.

Medical Travel Today (MTT): Give our readers some background on your professional experience.

Alejandro Badia (AB): I am a hand and upper extremity surgeon at Badia Hand to Shoulder Center in Doral, Florida. I was educated at Cornell and New York University and trained in orthopedics at Bellevue Hospital/New York University Medical Center. Following that, I successfully completed a hand/microsurgery fellowship in Pittsburgh and trauma fellowship in Germany.
I have served as worldwide president of the International Society for Sport Traumatology of the Hand (ISSPORTH) and co-founded the Miami Anatomical Research and Training Center (M.A.R.C.), the world's largest surgical cadaveric training lab and The Surgery Center at Doral, an elite state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center.

I have published numerous articles, written multiple book chapters, and have been an invited speaker or lecturer in nearly 25 countries. I am a proud member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH), American Association for Hand Surgery (AAHS) and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), as well as numerous other international hand surgery and arthroscopy associations.

Also, I have served as honored professor at the prestigious Philadelphia Hand Course and for 10 consecutive years, I have been on the editorial review board of the Techniques in Upper Extremity Surgery, comprised of International key opinion leaders in upper limb surgery.

I run an active international hand fellowship and, for eight consecutive years, I have served on the editorial board of two hand journals. When I am not performing surgery or engaged with promoting wellness, I organize two-day conferences and learning symposiums for surgeons and therapists devoted to upper limb arthroscopy and arthroplasty.

MTT: Give us your definition of "reverse medical travel" as you call it.

AB: As you and your readers are aware, many people travel to Latin America from the U.S. for medical procedures. What some of your readers may not be aware of is that there is a significant number of people from that side of the continent who come to the U.S. for medical treatment and procedures. Their decision to do so is to gain access to innovative and less invasive technologies/treatments offered here that are not available in their home country. 

I use the term "reverse medical travel" as that is an easy way to explain it. Others refer to it as "inbound medical tourism." Either way, it defines people who travel to the United States to seek the latest and best in medical treatment for themselves or for those they love. This medical care includes such treatments as: cosmetic surgery, dentistry, cardiovascular, orthopedics, cancer, reproductive health, weight loss, health screenings and second opinions.

Through my practice at Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, I have been treating inbound patients for more than eight years. However, in the last few years, this form of tourism is on the rise, especially in Florida. In fact, an estimated 38,000 international travelers visit Florida annually, and this represents a gross total spending of about $580 million. That amount includes the international medical traveler and their cost for care -- typically for a 7-10 day visit - as well as costs for their companions for lodging, food and other travel needs.

MTT: How did you get involved in the medical travel industry?

AB: This was a very organic career path. My desire to become a hand and upper limb surgeon was out of love for my grandmother who had rheumatoid arthritis. For years, I watched her suffer, not only from the pain, but also from frustration stemming from her inability to execute even simple daily tasks like cutting a piece of fabric to sew a garment.

I saw, and intuitively understood, the need to offer innovative and less invasive treatments to people from Latin America who could not access it from their home country because it is not available. I also wanted to provide a better alternative for those who seek great medical outcomes regardless of their country of origin.

MTT: Where are most of your international patients traveling from?

AB: Most of my international patients come from Latin America and the Caribbean Islands including Cayman Island, Peru, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. We're also expanding our footprint into other countries such as China, India and Pakistan. We are also poised to welcome patients from Eastern Europe and Russia. I recently had a telemedicine encounter in which I provided consultation to a patient from this country who has rheumatoid arthritis with severe boutonniere deformities.

MTT: How many international patients do you treat per year? And, is this number growing?

AB: Approximately 20 percent of my patients are international patients, and they represent a high percentage of my surgical cases. Yes, that number is growing year after year as people from Latin America keep looking for the best healthcare available, and who tend to prefer to come to the U.S. for treatment.

MTT: What common procedures do medical travelers seek at your practice?

AB: Those seeking care at the Badia Hand to Shoulder Center in Miami are seeking expert medical care and treatments for upper limb and extremities. This includes anything related to the hand, wrist, shoulder, elbow, arm and fingers. The most common procedures are carpal tunnel, rotator cuff and shoulder replacements. Other important procedures provided, especially for medical travelers seeking world-class care, are replacement and arthroscopic joint reconstruction and late reconstruction for prior trauma to optimize function.

MTT: Do you help international patients coordinate their trip?

AB: In many countries, we provide a local phone number that is received by our international coordinator in Miami. We answer all patient questions and help facilitate their visit by providing a "Patient Travel Package," including Frequently Asked Questions, and preferred hotels and amenities to make their trip to Miami a pleasant experience. This package provides patients with access to special rates and our services at numerous, well-recognized luxury hotels located minutes from our office. At BHSC, we make sure that our international coordinator helps patients navigate from their country of origin all the way through the pre-operation, during operation, post-operation and rehab.

MTT: Are your rates comparable to prices overseas?

AB: That is a good question to which there is not one definitive answer. Prices vary depending on the procedure/condition, and are impacted by the type of surgery required and any pre- and post-treatment required. However, BHSC offer less invasive procedures, such as arthroscopy, that makes the recovery process quicker and the costs less expensive. In addition, Badia Hand to Shoulder Center is a one-stop center, which provides includes access to The Surgery Center and OrthoNOW® Rehab. These features aid in reducing the stress and financial strain on patients and their families from having to visit multiple locations. For example, an international patient visiting an orthopedic surgeon in the U.S. usually visits different medical centers for consultation, X-rays, surgery and rehabilitation. Under Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, patients experience a first-class treatment with all those facilities located under one roof.

MTT: How do you market your services to inbound medical travelers?

AB: We use a number of communication tools to get the word out about our team and our Center. On a regular basis, I present at related conferences, symposiums and other professional events held all over the world. This allows patients and referring physicians to become aware of us and create personal relationships. Other sources include in-country media interviews, our website (www.drbadia.com), social media, past patient referrals and physician referrals, among others.

MTT: What can we expect to see from Badia Hand to Shoulder Center in the future?

AB: A major area of focus for us in the days and years to come is telemedicine. This technology revolutionizes access to pre- and post- care for patients, and we are extremely excited about the potential for better outcomes for more people in pain. As a matter of fact, the patient from Pakistan that I previously mentioned was consulted with using telemedicine.

MTT: At this point, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

AB: While it is our greatest wish that everyone remain well, mobile and strong, I would like your readers to know that we are always available to help, should they suffer an injury or illness that affects the hand, wrist, shoulder, elbow, arm and fingers.

Industry News

36th Annual National Educational Conference & Expo
September 25-27, 2016 • JW Marriott Austin • Austin, TX

SIIA’s National Educational Conference & Expo is the world’s largest event dedicated exclusively to the self-insurance/alternative risk transfer industry. Registrants will enjoy a cutting-edge educational program combined with unique networking opportunities, and a world-class tradeshow of industry product and service providers guaranteed to provide exceptional value in four fast-paced, activity-packed days.

Monday, September 26, 2016
TIME: 1:45 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

"Taking a page from the travel surgery playbooks that the large, high-profile companies have followed over the past few years, mid-size or smaller employers and plan sponsors now recognize that the site of service significantly impacts the quality and cost of care. These are the keys factors in selecting where to have procedures performed - everything from MRIs and diagnostics to complex surgeries. 

Learn how TPAs, brokers and employers are educating and incenting employees to make better choices - from reducing coinsurance to eliminating copayments, paying travel expenses or cash rewards.  The goal is to help employees seek the right care, at the right time, and in the right place - in or out of current networks."

Panel Chair: Laura Carabello

Editor and Publisher


777 Terrace Avenue
Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey 07674
< DIRECT > x12

Laura Carabello, principal and chief creative officer, CPR Strategic Marketing Communications, is a strategy consultant in healthcare and technology who has more than 25 years of experience in positioning public, private and non-profit entities in medical travel, health information technology, managed care and employee benefits, and life sciences. Carabello presents and chairs numerous industry conferences, and has testified before the U.S. Federal Trade Commission on healthcare advertising and marketing ethics. The recipient of multiple leadership and humanitarian awards, Carabello serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the YWCA of Bergen County. She received a B.S. in Journalism from the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University.

Simeon Schindelman, CEO, Brighton Health Plan Solutions

One Penn Plaza, 46th Floor, New York, NY 10119
Office Phone:  212.485.9017

Combine a commitment to multiple market stakeholders and a passion to empower individuals and families with the healthcare tools that they have long desired, and you'll have an introduction to Simeon Schindelman, CEO, Brighton Health Plan Solutions (BHPS), parent of MagnaCare LLC, MagnaCare Administrative Services, as well as a brand new commercial health plan currently in development.

Simeon is responsible for all aspects of these businesses including current performance, as well as establishing and implementing strategic priorities that will enhance future success.

Effective and transformative innovation is Simeon’s personal trademark, and he will draw upon his broad management experience, leadership expertise and deep understanding of the varied participants in the healthcare marketplace to drive the growth of BHPS.

Given his demonstrated success building businesses that transform the traditional approach to healthcare, and proficiency in working with plan sponsors of all size and scope, Simeon is powering a business model that leverages data analytics, consumer service, and advanced technology to deliver personalized healthcare solutions. He is recognized for incorporating high-touch, thoughtful services that people value in virtually every aspect of their lives, but have been missing in their insurance and healthcare experiences. His formula is also designed to serve the targeted, unique needs of providers, employers and brokers, all of whom are key to bringing tomorrow’s healthcare solution to the marketplace today.

This brand of forward-thinking management contributed to the success of his most recent leadership role as chairman and CEO of Bloom Health, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2012 - 2015), a leader in designing, building, and operating private exchanges. Simeon drove rapid growth that was catalyzed by a commitment to bringing consumers "knowledge, trust, and confidence."

Previously, he was senior vice president, Commercial Markets (2009 - 2012) at Medica Health Plans, Minnetonka, Minnesota, where he and his team created My Plan by Medica, an exceptional provider-oriented product developed in partnership with health systems. Over the years, he has held senior level management positions at several high-profile healthcare companies including a succession of leadership roles at UnitedHealthcare.

A graduate of Dartmouth College, Schindelman is determined to make a measurable difference in people’s lives and bring about positive change. These are the hallmarks of his unique approach and vision for the success of BHPS.

Mark Kendall, Senior Partner, HUB International Midwest Limited

55 East Jackson Boulevard Chicago, Illinois 60604
Direct Dial: 312-429-2287
Mobile: 312-848-8298
Email: mark.kendall@hubinternational.com

With 30 years' experience in the corporate employee benefit industry, Mark has a proven record in consulting corporations. His core competencies include alignment of strategic and tactical objectives of Fortune 500 corporations to enhance their own future financial position with their total rewards plans and with the insurance carrier. Starting his 16th year in consulting, Mark has created over $150 million in documented savings for large corporations and their employees relative to their plans.

Mark is a senior partner at Hub International located in their Chicago office. Hub International is the largest privately held brokerage in the U.S. with over 8,500 employees serving customers in North America. Mark has worked with many of the Fortune 500 companies over his consulting career, including Accenture, W.W. Grainger, Gannett, HCR ManorCare, HSBC, JohnsonDiversey, ArcelorMittal, Presence Health, United Airlines, Union Pacific Railroad and Reyes Holdings.

Prior to his consulting career, Mark's carrier background includes leading the Chicago operation of Unum and leading Prudential Financial's Midwest operation. Throughout his career, Mark's experience also includes extensive training to the industry, product innovation and development specifically directed towards national account sized multinational companies.

Carrie Hatch, Chief Operating Officer, AmeriBen

3449 Copper Point Drive Meridian, Idaho 83642
Office Phone: (208) 947-9229
Email: CHATCH@ameriben.com
Website: https://www.ameriben.com/

Carrie has been with AmeriBen since 2004. As chief operating officer, she is responsible for Operations and is a member of AmeriBen's Executive Leadership Team. She oversees the Claims and Customer Care Centers, Provider Relations, Client Accounting, Plan Build, and Support Services. Carrie's exceptional attention to detail and ability to understand the complexities of the TPA business have been instrumental in the quality of AmeriBen's operations.

Prior to joining AmeriBen, Carrie served seven years as a project coordinator for a large executive consulting firm. Previous capacities she has served in here at AmeriBen include Accounting, Technology Services Center Analyst, and EDI Services Coordinator. Her internal advancement and contributions to the organization truly embody our Core Purpose as it pertains to developing great leaders.

Carrie received her Bachelor's degree in Accounting from the University of Phoenix in Arizona.

Industry News

Top Notch Surrogacy Cryopreserved Embryos in Tbilisi Georgia 

PlacidWay.com-Infertile couples have the chance to run through the IVF procedure in their home country and ship the embryos to our hospital for transferring to the surrogate mother. This makes the surrogacy process for them to be really easy!

Chachava Clinic is a medical center located in Tbilisi, Georgia, undergoing continuous development and innovation. It features high technology and supplies, affordable prices, a flawless laboratory and a highly experienced medical team. All of these attract plenty of local and international patients yearly.

Surrogacy and cryopreserved embryos are legal and cost efficient in Georgia! Chachava Clinic is welcoming medical tourists and gives them the possibility to take their baby with a legal birth certificate home.

Also, Georgian liberal legislation states that the surrogates and donors don't have any rights upon the child born.  The parent will run through an easy process and take the baby home in total accordance with the law.

Infertile couples have the chance to run through the IVF procedure in their home country and ship the embryos to our hospital for transferring to the surrogate mother.

As Chachava Clinic staff is trying to make surrogacy comfortable and an easy-going process for international patients coming overseas, the all-inclusive surrogacy packages give them the possibility to run through the process easily and with no financial risk.

The clinic guarantees the second trial embryo transfer free of charge if the first attempt fails.

Patients are offered airport transfers and accommodation in luxurious, comfortable apartment-hotel free of charge regardless of whether or not the couple proceeds with surrogacy process at the hospital.

You have the possibility to choose the donors from their open pictures and profiles. 

Surrogacy is a fertility procedure, and usually the last hope for couples or singles who want to have a baby, and have previously tried other fertility methods with no results. Surrogacy involves a surrogate mother who carries another individual's or couple's child. The surrogate mother will help the couple/single that is unable to carry a child due to certain reasons.

Embryo cryopreservation is a common, renowned fertility method that preserves eggs (also known as oocytes) for infertility procedures. Embryo cryopreservation is also preserving embryos in a frozen state for future use.

Couples who attempt infertility treatments often use the embryo cryopreservation. This mostly happens to those who have to undergo multiple cycles in order to achieve a pregnancy. Cryopreservation techniques are beneficial to patients undergoing medical treatments (like cancer treatments) that can affect and/or destroy their fertility potential, or couples who want to preserve their eggs/sperm for pregnancy in the near future.

What is the cost of the surrogacy + cryopreserved embryos package?

At Chachava Clinic (Tbilisi, Georgia), the IVF/ICSI surrogacy package costs $37,000.

First Payment - upon starting treatment: $15,500
Arranging meetings with surrogate mothers
Chosen Surrogate mother examination (fresh medical tests)
Frozen embryo storage for one year
Surrogate mother preparation for embryo transfer including medications, examinations, laboratory tests
Embryo transfer (one to three embryos per transfer)
Second attempt surrogate mother preparation and embryo transfer if first result negative
All legal and organizational fees (including agency fees, notaries, contracts, birth registration etc.)

*Bonus:  Two nights for free at the clinic's luxury apartment-hotel (including breakfast) and free airport transfers.

Second payment - after pregnancy confirmation: $3,000
Physiologically progressing pregnancy care + all medications needed.

Third Payment - made upon child birth: $3,000
Natural childbirth, term newborn care.

Surrogate Mother Fee total: $15,500/$17,500 (in case of twins)
Surrogate mother fee per Embryo transfer: $300
Surrogate mother monthly fee per month: $300 ($400 in case of twins)                  
SM Overall compensation (within 7 days after childbirth).

Benefits of the surrogacy + cryopreserved embryos:

Offers couples dealing with infertility a chance to conceive
Offers couples who want to conceive in the near future the chance to preserve their eggs/semen
Has a raised success rate
Offers those undergoing certain treatments (such as cancer treatments) that can affect their fertility the potential to conceive
Provides the possibility of success when other methods have previously failed.

To read the original article click here.

The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism

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IHC FORUM & Expo will be held at the
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Produced by: The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism
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Help Save a Life and Support MatchingDonors
100 percent of all donations on MatchingDonors.com go to help people get organ transplants on MatchingDonors.com.

MatchingDonors is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and the nation's largest online living organ donor organization finding living organ donors for people needing organ transplants.  In conjunction with various health organizations throughout the United States we have created a very successful Public Service Announcement campaign to help people recognize that they can save lives by being a living organ donor, to encourage them to register as an altruistic living organ donor, and to make them realize they can help save the lives of people needing organ transplants by donating other things. This MatchingDonors Living Organ Donor Initiative program has already saved thousands of lives.



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News in Review

Better Health Care: A Way Forward

Commonwealthfund.org-Whether measured against international or domestic standards, the U.S. healthcare system could perform much better than it does.

Turkey Becomes Hot Destination for Arab Investors

Yenisafak.com-Dr. Bandar Fahad al-Fehaid, the chairman of Arab Tourism Organization, said that Arab countries have begun making investments in the field of health tourism in Turkey.

How Telehealth Plays a Big Role in Medical Tourism

Drprem.com-History tells us about travels of Greek pilgrims over the Mediterranean to the Epidauria, sanctuary of the healing god Asklepios.

Government Plans to Put Maharashtra on Medical Tourism Map

Thehindu.com-Maharashtra will set up a medical tourism promotion council to exploit the state's potential in this sector under the government's new tourism policy, which could involve tie-ups with hospitals and hotels.


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