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Laura Carabello


From the Editor

From the Editor: This week in Medical Travel Today, Laura Carabello

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Telehealth May Aid in Medical Tourism, But Barriers Abound

Medcare Hospital in Exclusive Partnership with LaLiga

Ministry Focuses on Health Tourism

Cosmetic Treatment Boom to Heavily Contribute to Dubai's Medical Tourism

Creating Incorporated Health Tourism Destinations - And The Role of Concerted Action Committees and Destination Corporations

Applying the "Condominium" (Shared Property) Model to Health Resort Projects - And Addressing the Issues of "Funding," "Ownership" and "Administration"

Spotlight Interview

Sophie Chung, MD, founder & CEO, JunoMedical

Michael Thompson, president & CEO, National Business Coalition on Health

Industry News

MedBridge, LLC Launches New Concierge Surgery Company - Kinese

Why Americans Pay So Much for Healthcare But Get So Much Less in Terms of Quality and Efficiency Than Any Other Developed Nations?

Philadelphia International Medicine and the Medical Association of Jamaica Announce Collaboration

36th Annual National Educational Conference & Expo

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Volume 9, Issue 1

Dear Colleagues:

A Berlin-based medical travel startup, Junomedical, has recently launched with one mission in mind: To connect patients with high-quality, affordable care around the world.

According to Founder & CEO, Sophie Chung, MD, patients can visit www.junomedical.com and search for international hospitals that have been hand-picked by the Junomedical team based on strict criteria: price, quality and safety.

Patient satisfaction is Junomedical's top priority, which is why a staff member is accessible to patients during the entire process from booking the procedure to follow-up care. Read on to learn more!

Self-insured employers of all size are re-evaluating the size and scope of their networks to ensure that individuals are accessing quality care at the most cost-effective sites.  SIIA has once again invited me to chair a panel presentation at the upcoming Annual Meeting in Austin, TX, September 25-27, 2016.

Judging from the turnout and enthusiasm at last year's event, I am certain that this year will be even better.  Take a look at the speakers - high profile leaders who are positioned to make these decisions for the marketplace.  http://www.siia.org/

Whether you are an employer, provider or intermediary, you will want to attend. Look forward to seeing you in September!

We're starting to hear from many hospitals, independent surgi-centers and provider groups that want to be better positioned to serve self-funded employers offering medical/surgical travel options.  If you have a good story to tell us, please be in touch!  We want to boost opportunities for Centers of Excellence nationwide. 

Tell us:
What distinguishes your service offering in terms of cost, patient experience and satisfaction, outcomes, or other quality indicators. 

Send us your descriptor, including photos or charts, and we will evaluate for publication in this newsletter.

Please be in touch and let me know how you are surviving and thriving in this emerging marketplace. 

Laura Carabello
Editor and Publisher
Medical Travel Today




Global Health Voyager

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SPOTLIGHT: Sophie Chung, MD, founder & CEO, JunoMedical




About Dr. Sophie Chung
Sophie believes that there's an opportunity to fundamentally transform how patients access and experience healthcare. She gained first-hand experience in treating patients as a doctor, and tackled the complex issues involved in providing people with access to healthcare whilst working at an NGO in Cambodia. These experiences ignited Sophie's passion to provide everyone with access to healthcare regardless of where they live and she's on a mission to connect you, the patient, with the very best, accredited doctors and hospitals so that you can get the high-quality treatment you deserve at a price you can afford.

Before she founded JunoMedical, Sophie was a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. and Director of Healthcare Strategy at Zocdoc in New York.


About JunoMedical
Our pledge to our patients: We do the legwork for you. On our website, we'll only show you hospitals which we've carefully and individually selected based on our strict quality criteria. This way, you don't have to browse through a massive amount of information in order to find the best hospital for you.

We make it easy for you to search for top clinics which perform any treatment you're looking for; we'll give you an overview of how much you can expect to pay and the destinations you can travel to. If you find a hospital or clinic you like, you can request a free quote and you'll receive a personalized treatment plan along with the price. We'll be there with you throughout every step of your journey; during the booking process, your hospital visit, and your recuperation period.

We mean it when we say that we carefully select all of the hospitals and doctors that we partner with.

Patient satisfaction is our top priority and we intend to prove that to you. All of our partner clinics have received accreditations from the Joint Commission International (JCI) or have the highest national accreditation. Consultants at JCI-accredited institutions are the most skilled and experienced in the industry.

We work exclusively with hospitals that are highly experienced in dealing with international patients, and which have English-speaking staff, translators and high customer-satisfaction ratings.

Medical Travel Today (MTT): When was Junomedical established?

Sophie Chung (SC): Junomedical is a medical travel provider that helps patients worldwide find high-quality care abroad at an affordable price. We are a Berlin-based startup that was founded in 2015 and enables patients to get offers from clinics for almost any kind of treatment and to choose the most suitable offer with ease.

We only cooperate with renowned clinics and hospitals which adhere to the highest certification standards and are highly experienced in dealing with international patients.

MTT: How does Junomedical's platform work?

SC: For Junomedical, the patient always comes first. Junomedical is a curated marketplace that connects patients searching for medical treatments abroad with high quality hospitals and clinics.

On our website you can search for hospitals and clinics for your desired treatment and get an overview of how much you can expect to pay and what destinations you can travel to, as well as additional locations, hospitals and treatment-related information.

Depending on one's individual preferences, he/she can filter and sort through the offers tailored to their personal needs and traveling opportunities.

Aside from offering our services via our online platform, our Patient Care Team is always happy to assist patients from the initial steps through the aftercare process.

If a patient finds a hospital/clinic that they prefer, he or she can request a free quote from the clinic and receive a personalized treatment plan and price. After the patient has booked their treatment, Junomedical - together with the hospital - will assist with the formalities related to the medical travel procedure.

The service is 100 percent free of charge for the patient. The price a patient pays for treatment when booking with us is generally the same - occasionally lower - to what it would cost if booking directly with a hospital.

MTT: How do you decide what facilities and providers to work with and recommend?

SC: Ideally, we strive to bring the world of healthcare closer to the patient.

Junomedical has a strict hospital selection process in order to ensure the highest quality and best patient care. We only work with the best internationally and nationally accredited hospitals. We developed a special scoring system that evaluates more than 40 different criteria's related to the hospital, procedures and doctors. This means that the hospitals not only provide the highest medical quality, but they also offer services including booking travel, airport pickup and local transportation, medical translation and concierge services.

We not only use proprietary technology to evaluate hospitals, but also have our hospital team score the facility based on patient feedback and reviews. Unfortunately, most of the hospitals we evaluate don't make the final cut onto our website.

This evaluation process is ongoing and we are not shy removing clinics if they don't satisfy our expectations.

MTT: Do the facilities you recommend offer bundled pricing?

SC: Yes, some of our hospital and clinic partners offer bundled pricing. Packages range from treatment related packages to travel and accommodations.

Almost all of our offered treatments bundle:

  1. Consultation
  2. Treatment
  3. Medicines
  4. Airport Transfer services
  5. Interpreter services

At Memorial Hospital in Turkey, a patient would receive these services, as well as a treatment and hotel package. For example, a hair transplant with one night in the hospital and one night in a partner hotel would cost a patient around 2,200 Euros.

MTT: What locations does Junomedical recommend for medical travelers?

SC: Our recommendations are tailored to each patient and therefore locations vary based on each individual's desired treatment.

Right now, popular destinations include Turkey, Hungary, Mexico, Thailand, India, and also Germany and South Korea.

MTT: What can we expect to see from Junomedical in the future?

SC: We have thousands of patients visit our website each month. Moving forward, our goal is to be a global healthcare provider, which brings the world of healthcare closer together.

We want patients to gain access to the medical care that they deserve and can afford regardless of where they live.

MTT: At this point, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

SC: As a doctor, the Junomedical team and I deeply care about the well-being of our patients. Our patients are the ones we care for and who we want to match with the best doctors available.
In summary, this is what makes us stand out in the market:

- We focus on quality vs. quantity
- Over-the-top customer service
- Smart Data Models - We build smart data models that allow us to help patients find the right doctor
- A company DNA that combines executional rigor with passion for healthcare and tech. We are real doctors who are passionate about solving global patient problems.


SPOTLIGHT: Michael Thompson, president & CEO, National Business Coalition on Health



Editor's Note: It's the beginning of a new era for the National Business Coalition on Health, and Michael Thompson, incoming president and CEO, talks about his plans which are already underway.

Michael recently convened a conference call with leaders from the health and business communities to learn about the future direction of NBCH and the future role of its National Health Leadership Council - and I was lucky enough to get an invitation. Here are some of the highlights:

"I'll just set the stage that the NBCH is an umbrella organization of coalitions across the country, represents about 51 coalitions by 7000 employers, 35 million people and the National Health Leadership Council, our multi-stake holder organization that brings together organizations that have national significance in health and healthcare.

Especially as we get into a consolidation type mode, I think you really are talking about a few key players in a lot of different sectors that collectively will be able to kind of change and improve the system. Historically, the NBCH has largely focused on value based purchasing. So the new mission -- as I define it -- is for NBCH (which is probably not as important as the collective coalitions) to really focusing on empowering the employers and their partners to improve health, well-being and value in our companies, communities and our country.

All of that really matters and is part of the reason I've been attracted to NBCH. My belief is that employers really are important in the context of shifting the system. I've been in the industry well over 30 years and with almost every change, other than Medicare, the major employers have largely driven through the system and so when you look at the supply chain, I think employers are at the top.

Having said that they can't do it alone and they can't do it without their partners and their stakeholders. And I think that is what this organization and group is about - which is bringing people to the table that do play a major role in influencing the future directions. Frankly, many people want to influence those employers who will then influence plans who will then influence providers and pharmaceutical companies, etc. And so bringing people together to the table is very important.

When I think about improving health, I think we are underperforming as an industry, whether it is employers or health plans - our health is getting worse, not better in spite of all the activity and the rhetoric around health.

I do think, in fact, that community based population health efforts are going forward, and I actually think the coalitions play a very important role in facilitating and making some of that happen. I'd also say from the second tenet of well-being, it's is an area that many people have equated to wellness even though it is not what I think about well-being. When I think about well-being, I think about helping our people, our workforces to be all they can be to thrive and be at their best -- and that is an area that is underserved and ties into some key issues that are very important like mental health, social determinacy of health. I think as we take a bigger focus both on well-being within the companies as well as well-being in our communities, it is going to have a broader impact on the overall system and then finally value.

I started by saying that NBCH and the coalitions have largely been focused on value based purchasing. I would argue that we haven't done a good job at defining what value is. I know having lived on the health plan side for many, many years (I was at a health plan for 17 years) that when health plans hear value they hear cost. And yet I know today that the things that do deliver great value to people are often times our challenge because they are costly -- and sometimes not even because they are costly, but because there is a cost to it.

I don't think that's what employers want. I think they want a more thoughtful and balanced approach as to how we pay for, how we deliver and how we receive care -- and I'd be glad to talk about that. One of the things I think is critical as we think about changing the system is that nobody can really do that alone, particularly when we move to the supply side of the system. It's one thing for the employers to influence their employees and even for health plans to influence their members. But once you get into trying to influence the delivery system it is very difficult for anybody to independently influence that in a significant way.

I don't think the health plans matter; I don't think individual employers matter; I don't even think coalitions of employers matter. I think what really matters is getting on the same page about what the agenda is and how we are going to influence that agenda.

In that regard, I think Medicare and Medicaid are very important, and employers and health plans being aligned around that will be increasingly critical. There is, of course, a lot of the system that is designed to help support and influence consumers, and how they get care and how they take care of themselves. But I think the supply chain isn't as clean as it once was.

We have a tool called ‘eValue8' that we use to systematically look at all the various elements around evidence based practices, and evaluate how health plans perform against that. Yet, when you look at the functions that we are evaluating for health plans to perform, many times employers don't even get it through their health plan. Whether you're talking about consumer tools or population health, if you're talking about wellness -- or even networks - increasingly there are other people doing those same functions and stepping in.

So I think as we think about supply chain, we are thinking we are going to have to modularize our thinking and engage more stakeholders in the mix in that conversation. Again, what makes the coalitions unique and what makes the NBCH unique is having boots on the ground across the country.

I've had people say why would you take that job? And I think because when you look at delivery reform and improving health in our communities and in our companies, I don't think it happens unless you localize it. And the infrastructure that already exists in our coalitions across the country is unique and won't be built again. The key is execution, communication and collaboration, and working together to make a difference.

There's a lot of topics we can talk about on this call. From my standpoint, the issues of the day are that you can't talk to an employer without talking about specialty drugs. You can't talk to an employer without hearing about population, wellness, improving the health of our population and how does that play into our strategies, our communities and our companies.

Private exchanges are a hot topic. Mental health, too. If there is any place in the system that is radically broken, it is mental health. Delivery payment reform, delivery and payment reform. Consumerism. Again, I think we are going to work with stakeholders to do what we can do to make it better to help use the leverage that our collective employers bring to move the system in the direction it needs to be moved.

Increasingly, one of the things I've learned in my first 30 days here is that none of the coalitions have it all. But if you look collectively the talent, the resources, the knowledge, the programs - we are going to find a way to leverage that across the coalitions and we are going to accelerate the pace to change faster than any of these coalitions can do on their own.

I look at things like the College for Value Based Purchasing, the purchaser value network, even the innovation. Some of the innovation is happening with the vendors, but a lot of the innovation is happening with the employers. I'm hearing great stories as we talk to people across the country about the great innovators.

There is also the fact that so many of our coalition leaders are connected to people - like the people on this phone today -- whether it is NQF, or the LeapFrog Group, or Health IT Policy or MEDPAC. It is just an opportunity for us to bring it together and have thoughtful debate, and then independently empower our stakeholders to get better to get this right."


Q&A: Laura Carabello, Editor and Publisher, www.USDomesticMedicalTravel.com and www.MedicalTravelToday.com

Since many of our readers are interested in direct contracting with employers, I posed this question:

Laura Carabello (LC): I was wondering if you had any feedback on the Coalitions as far as their efforts or initiatives to contract directly with providers and hospitals that don't include perhaps the carriers.

Michael Thompson (MT): One of the things I am doing as we are getting started is I'm doing a lot of outreach with each of the 51 Coalition directors. I've been on it for 30 days and I've probably only spoken with 18 - 19 of them at this point.

But you do start seeing patterns in terms of what exists where. For some of the Coalitions, they are very active in direct purchasing, collective purchasing, group purchasing and in some instances, they are quite successful in doing that.

What they find is that they bring a more holistic picture of what employers are trying to drive, and they are successfully delivering that to employers on a direct basis. I would say that tends to be found more in self-contained geographies that to some degree are underserved by health plans.

It gets a little harder when you are in these big metropolitan areas with very complex delivery systems all over the place that are very disjointed. It is a lot of infrastructure to build to do that. But having said this, it is more when they are building the whole thing. Again, I think there are multiple forms of transformation that are taking place.

One example is if you build the whole thing and develop contracts based on this alone. Another is looking at the Center of Excellence approach where you start looking at an episode of care type structure that includes bundled payments. That approach, I think, is starting to get much more legs.

Some of you may know David Lansky at the Pacific Group on Health where he has convened an initiative called the Purchaser Value Network. Simply put, it has really developed the framework for how to contract episode by episode within categories. It might start with maternity.

Many in the industry believe that a high percentage of the care could be contracted that way and they received a grant. David has gotten a whole lot of grants, and he has gotten a grant to execute against this concept - not just in his area but to leverage it across the country as best as he can.

Earlier this month, David asked that we convene the Coalition leaders for a call to talk through how to execute through the Purchaser Value Network. In other regions -- and to his great satisfaction with the sponsorship with the National Business Coalition on Health -- he had over 60 people on the call...and we only have 51 Coalitions. It was an hour call and he set a date.

So will that expand? How quickly will that expand? Absolutely it will expand and Coalitions will rely on each other to execute that. We will get grants to make that happen.

There's a couple of other good examples where leaders are taking these best practices from one Coalition and applying them more globally. Larry Boress at the Midwest Business Group on Health created a whole initiative around onsite corporate clinics. He has done some joint efforts down in Tennessee around onsite clinics, bringing multiple coalitions and coalition employers together to talk about what is the current state of these clinics happening in Tennessee.

Laurel Pickering in NY has done incredible work in workplace mental health. I happen to be close to that because it is an area where I am very familiar and gratified that it is now being exported. We just had a conference out in Chicago on workplace mental health leveraging the work that came out of the Northeast Business Group on Health.

So this is not a DC-based initiative -- this is a countrywide initiative that leverages a great deal of talented people across the country and that has access to employers in all of these communities. Some of the small Coalitions are increasingly looking for support and depending on the more sophisticated Coalitions to help them get better and help support the employers in their community.

One of the initiatives we have underway is called the College for Value Based Purchasing. It is actually a one-two day seminar where we bring in Coalition Leaders - some of the more sophisticated Coalition leaders across the country to educate employers in a community where the employers can benefit from the expertise that exists collectively across the country.

I think it is a mistake to see the NBCH as a small DC-based operation. The value of the Coalitions is the collective of all the Coalitions and the leadership that our little group in DC brings to this.

Industry News

MedBridge, LLC Launches New Concierge Surgery Company - Kinese

MedBridge, a leading provider of ambulatory surgery center (ASC) development, management and billing services, has launched a new company in the medical tourism industry, Kinese. Kinese is a first class surgical concierge service offering patients access to world renowned physicians, top level surgical care and the most luxurious hospitality accommodations in three California destinations: Beverly Hills, San Francisco and Santa Barbara.

"We are thrilled to launch Kinese," said Dave Odell, MedBridge President & CEO. "For several years we have seen patients struggle with taking control of their own healthcare. Geography, insurance coverage and managed care contracts have been a constant constraint on many patients. Kinese allows international patients to connect with best-in-class US surgeons and facilities, as well as allows domestic patients to receive this same high-quality care without having to leave the country. Our goal is to disrupt the current bureaucracy that healthcare has become world-wide and put control back in the hands of the patient."

Presently, patients are tired of unreasonably high healthcare costs, ambiguous pricing, long surgery waitlists and limited access to new treatment options. Kinese offers solutions to these global healthcare flaws.

Kinese provides immediate access to best-in-class surgeons, state-of-the-art facilities, and an unparalleled surgery concierge service. Kinese coordinates every aspect of a patient's surgery experience and ensures that they receive the highest quality surgical care and hospitality accommodations available.

"While most companies simply provide resources for patients to research and plan their own procedure and travel accommodations, Kinese arranges every detail for our clients -from initial contact through post-operative care and recovery," said Kyle Jorgensen, Kinese Concierge Coordinator. "Our deep partnerships and connections in the healthcare industry allow Kinese to offer services that are truly elite.  No other company in the industry today provides patients with this level of individualized and authentic service and support throughout the entire surgical experience."

Notably, Kinese also provides upfront, transparent pricing for all procedures. This eliminates the common pricing ambiguity patients find in the healthcare market today. Kinese patients are offered a cash pay rate for all surgical procedures, ensuring that they are fully informed of their financial responsibility before they enter the operating room.

In addition to serving as a personal surgery concierge, Kinese capitalizes on California's luxury resources and for those patients who desire it, Kinese can arrange travel, hotel, chauffeur and extravagant accommodations including massages, physical therapy, Cryotherapy, wine tours, shopping sprees, fine dining and much more.

While Kinese is fully equipped to serve the VIP patient seeking a full service package of surgical, travel and hospitality accommodations, the company is also available to serve patients seeking only surgical care. Kinese molds its services to fit each client's individual needs.  

Additional information about Kinese is available at www.kinese.com.

About MedBridge Development
MedBridge, LLC is a leading provider of development, management and revenue cycle services for ASCs and other healthcare facilities. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, MedBridge is led by a team of over forty professionals who are focused on managing the business side of ASCs. MedBridge seeks to free surgeons and specialists to spend their best energy on healing their patients. Additional information about MedBridge is available at www.medbridge.md.

Madison Serrano, Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator
Phone: (805)-679-6739
Email: mserrano@medbridge.md

To view the original release click here.


Industry News

Why Americans Pay So Much for Healthcare But Get So Much Less in Terms of Quality and Efficiency Than Any Other Developed Nations?
Join indigomed.net for new high-quality, cost-effective treatment options that can save your life and your pocket

Indigomed.net-European patients can access high quality hospitals with well-trained medical staff, using the same technologies, pharmaceutical products and devices, for half the price they would pay in the U.S.

Main findings:

  • The training and quality of medical staff is very similar both in USA and Europe, but for the same experience, the average wage in the USA is much higher than in Europe
  • The cost of real estate is, on average, greater for hospitals located in European cities than in the USA, with the exception of the four biggest cities in the USA
  • The rate of adoption and spread of technology, both in terms of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, is very similar. In fact European health systems adopt technologies from the U.S. more quickly than vice versa, thanks to quick approval regulatory paths
  • For the 20 biggest selling pharmaceutical products, prices in the USA are much higher than in Europe.

We can argue that a national system that negotiates with medical providers, including both independent providers such as medical specialists or institutions such as hospitals or pharmaceutical companies, can have, for the same services or products, a strong advantage for the population in terms of quality and prices. This is the main reason behind the huge difference in medical costs between USA and European healthcare systems for similar services and products.

An analysis of the differing costs of healthcare in the United States and Western
According to 2015 OECD data the average person living in the 1 United States spent USD 1,074 on out-of-pocket healthcare costs (including physician visits, prescription drugs and health insurance deductibles) in 2013. In France and the Netherlands, residents spent less than 25% (USD 277 and 270 respectively) of this amount. Meanwhile, US residents spent USD 3442 per head on other private health expenditure, including their health insurance premiums.

In this article we will attempt to explain the reasons for the differing costs for healthcare for patients in the US and Western Europe.

In any developed country, the costs associated with providing healthcare are related to four main factors:

  1. The cost of medical staff including physicians, surgeons, radiologists, nurses and other healthcare professionals.
  2. The costs of real estate
  3. The cost of researching, developing and purchasing medical technology including robots, radiological equipment, new drugs and genetic therapies.
  4. The price of pharmaceuticals.

We will examine each of these factors in turn at:

press@indigomed.net - Let's talk (24/7): +1 646 89 30 951

About Indigomed.net
Indigomed.net allows patients and their physicians to consult the most respected European medical Institutions for the following: On-line second opinions and complex medical treatments through medical treatment packages (admission, exams, surgeries, hospital accommodations, etc.) that can be completed by a "full service" package (medical package + travel and non-medical accommodations for the patient and their relatives).

Main points:

  • Cost-effective: thanks to Indigomed.net, patients can obtain, on average, a 35 percent to 50 percent reduction in medical expenses in comparison with the U.S
  • Unique: Indigomed.net is be the only platform currently serving this strongly growing market with a full European network
  • Complete offer: strengthened by "best practice" analysis and "permanent medical security control"
  • Quality and Security: HIPAA (USA) and ASIP (Europe) - compliance ensures continuity in healthcare
  • Tailor-made service: covering medical quality, case management and privacy.


Industry News

Philadelphia International Medicine and the Medical Association of Jamaica Announce Collaboration
Organizations come together to enhance physician knowledge, training and patient care

Philadelphia International Medicine (PIM) and the Medical Association of Jamaica (MAJ) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a knowledge bridge between Philadelphia, a hub of medical innovation, and Jamaica, an island of medical sophistication.

PIM and MAJ have agreed to form a continuing medical education affiliation between MAJ physicians, and the doctors, surgeons and hospitals of PIM's network, which includes Temple University Hospital, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and Fox Chase Cancer Center. The affiliation will provide continuing medical education for Jamaican physicians through clinical training, knowledge transfers, symposia and medical technology.

Under the terms of this agreement, the Medical Association of Jamaica and Philadelphia International Medicine will focus on enhancing physician training and continuing medical education for the island's doctors thus increasing the standard of patient care, hospital management and the quality of health care delivery to provide the best experiences for their patients.

"We are extremely excited to share such important news with our patients, our physicians and the country at large. Many of our local Specialist Physicians have been trained to international standards but have been constrained in our practice by a lack of the equipment that are necessary to practice at "First World" standard. In affiliating with Philadelphia International Medicine, the members of the Medical Association of Jamaica will be better able to meet the current and growing healthcare care needs of the communities we serve today as well as play a critical role in helping to establish new standards of care through research, innovation, technology and medical training provided to our physicians. This means that with the knowledge-sharing arrangement, we can ensure that our local practice is current with international standards. It also benefits our patients as the PIM network is now available for patients to be transferred for specialist care in circumstances where the necessary expertise or equipment is unavailable locally," says Dr. Myrton Smith, President of the Medical Association of Jamaica.

The MOU will assist both organizations in establishing a formal on-going relationship that will build a "health gateway," linking members of MAJ to PIM and its network of seven hospitals including four specialty hospitals and two medical schools for on-going training, university research and innovation, insight on new treatments and procedures and more.

"This opportunity allows PIM hospitals to expand their teaching mission and establish relationships with Jamaica's health care community. We look forward to working with the Medical Association of Jamaica for many years to come; exploring ways both sides can enhance the health care of our populations and mutually sharing our innovations and best practices," said Leonard Karp, President and CEO of Philadelphia International Medicine.

To cultivate this relationship PIM will provide on-going continuing medical education (CME) exchanges beginning in May, which are expected to include quarterly video conferencing of clinical seminars, training in Philadelphia through peer-to-peer collaborations, in-person conferences, grand rounds and case reviews. Additionally, MAJ and PIM will collaboratively explore joint opportunities in Jamaica and in Philadelphia to provide comprehensive health care to patients of MAJ's network of surgeons and physicians.

About Medical Association of Jamaica 
Medical Association of Jamaica is the oldest professional association in Jamaica, which was constituted as the first overseas branch of the British Medical Association in 1877. The Medical Association of Jamaica is an organization of medical doctors committed to the enhancement of the professional and personal development of the members. It has over 2000 members, including students and recently celebrated its Golden Jubilee as an independent organization in June 2015. For more information visit http://www.doctorsja.com.

About Philadelphia International Medicine 
Philadelphia International Medicine (PIM) is a healthcare organization dedicated to bringing the services of seven prestigious Philadelphia area hospitals to the international community. PIM's network includes Fox Chase Cancer Center, Temple University Hospital, and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital as anchor organizations and our affiliate hospitals include Wills Eye Hospital, Rothman Institute Orthopedics, Magee Rehabilitation Hospital and the Renfrew Center. To learn more visit philadelphiamedicine.com.

To view the original release click here.


Industry News

"Report Back"
European Luxury Hospitality Summit, May 19-20, 2016 in Athens, Greece

The "Report Back" from the European Luxury Hospitality Summit (which included a presentation on Health Tourism in the context of luxury) is available for reading and downloading online here.

Compiled by:
Constantine Constantinides, MD, PhD
Tel.: (+30) 69 45 85 76 42

Industry News

36th Annual National Educational Conference & Expo
September 25-27, 2016 • JW Marriott Austin • Austin, TX

SIIA's National Educational Conference & Expo is the world's largest event dedicated exclusively to the self-insurance/alternative risk transfer industry. Registrants will enjoy a cutting-edge educational program combined with unique networking opportunities, and a world-class tradeshow of industry product and service providers guaranteed to provide exceptional value in four fast-paced, activity-packed days.

Monday, September 26, 2016
TIME: 1:45 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

"Taking a page from the travel surgery playbooks that the large, high-profile companies have followed over the past few years, mid-size or smaller employers and plan sponsors now recognize that the site of service significantly impacts the quality and cost of care. These are the keys factors in selecting where to have procedures performed - everything from MRIs and diagnostics to complex surgeries. 

Learn how TPAs, brokers and employers are educating and incenting employees to make better choices - from reducing coinsurance to eliminating copayments, paying travel expenses or cash rewards.  The goal is to help employees seek the right care, at the right time, and in the right place - in or out of current networks."

Panel Chair: Laura Carabello

Editor and Publisher


777 Terrace Avenue
Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey 07674
< DIRECT > x12

Laura Carabello, principal and chief creative officer, CPR Strategic Marketing Communications, is a strategy consultant in healthcare and technology who has more than 25 years of experience in positioning public, private and non-profit entities in medical travel, health information technology, managed care and employee benefits, and life sciences. Carabello presents and chairs numerous industry conferences, and has testified before the U.S. Federal Trade Commission on healthcare advertising and marketing ethics. The recipient of multiple leadership and humanitarian awards, Carabello serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the YWCA of Bergen County. She received a B.S. in Journalism from the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University.

Simeon Schindelman, CEO, Brighton Health Plan Solutions

One Penn Plaza, 46th Floor, New York, NY 10119
Office Phone:  212.485.9017

Combine a commitment to multiple market stakeholders and a passion to empower individuals and families with the healthcare tools that they have long desired, and you'll have an introduction to Simeon Schindelman, CEO, Brighton Health Plan Solutions (BHPS), parent of MagnaCare LLC, MagnaCare Administrative Services, as well as a brand new commercial health plan currently in development.

Simeon is responsible for all aspects of these businesses including current performance, as well as establishing and implementing strategic priorities that will enhance future success.

Effective and transformative innovation is Simeon's personal trademark, and he will draw upon his broad management experience, leadership expertise and deep understanding of the varied participants in the healthcare marketplace to drive the growth of BHPS.

Given his demonstrated success building businesses that transform the traditional approach to healthcare, and proficiency in working with plan sponsors of all size and scope, Simeon is powering a business model that leverages data analytics, consumer service, and advanced technology to deliver personalized healthcare solutions. He is recognized for incorporating high-touch, thoughtful services that people value in virtually every aspect of their lives, but have been missing in their insurance and healthcare experiences. His formula is also designed to serve the targeted, unique needs of providers, employers and brokers, all of whom are key to bringing tomorrow's healthcare solution to the marketplace today.

This brand of forward-thinking management contributed to the success of his most recent leadership role as chairman and CEO of Bloom Health, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2012 - 2015), a leader in designing, building, and operating private exchanges. Simeon drove rapid growth that was catalyzed by a commitment to bringing consumers "knowledge, trust, and confidence."

Previously, he was senior vice president, Commercial Markets (2009 - 2012) at Medica Health Plans, Minnetonka, Minnesota, where he and his team created My Plan by Medica, an exceptional provider-oriented product developed in partnership with health systems. Over the years, he has held senior level management positions at several high-profile healthcare companies including a succession of leadership roles at UnitedHealthcare.

A graduate of Dartmouth College, Schindelman is determined to make a measurable difference in people's lives and bring about positive change. These are the hallmarks of his unique approach and vision for the success of BHPS.

Mark Kendall, Senior Partner, HUB International Midwest Limited

55 East Jackson Boulevard Chicago, Illinois 60604
Direct Dial: 312-429-2287
Mobile: 312-848-8298
Email: mark.kendall@hubinternational.com

With 30 years' experience in the corporate employee benefit industry, Mark has a proven record in consulting corporations. His core competencies include alignment of strategic and tactical objectives of Fortune 500 corporations to enhance their own future financial position with their total rewards plans and with the insurance carrier. Starting his 16th year in consulting, Mark has created over $150 million in documented savings for large corporations and their employees relative to their plans.

Mark is a senior partner at Hub International located in their Chicago office. Hub International is the largest privately held brokerage in the U.S. with over 8,500 employees serving customers in North America. Mark has worked with many of the Fortune 500 companies over his consulting career, including Accenture, W.W. Grainger, Gannett, HCR ManorCare, HSBC, JohnsonDiversey, ArcelorMittal, Presence Health, United Airlines, Union Pacific Railroad and Reyes Holdings.

Prior to his consulting career, Mark's carrier background includes leading the Chicago operation of Unum and leading Prudential Financial's Midwest operation. Throughout his career, Mark's experience also includes extensive training to the industry, product innovation and development specifically directed towards national account sized multinational companies.

Carrie Hatch, Chief Operating Officer, AmeriBen

3449 Copper Point Drive Meridian, Idaho 83642
Office Phone: (208) 947-9229
Email: CHATCH@ameriben.com
Website: https://www.ameriben.com/

Carrie has been with AmeriBen since 2004. As chief operating officer, she is responsible for Operations and is a member of AmeriBen's Executive Leadership Team. She oversees the Claims and Customer Care Centers, Provider Relations, Client Accounting, Plan Build, and Support Services. Carrie's exceptional attention to detail and ability to understand the complexities of the TPA business have been instrumental in the quality of AmeriBen's operations.

Prior to joining AmeriBen, Carrie served seven years as a project coordinator for a large executive consulting firm. Previous capacities she has served in here at AmeriBen include Accounting, Technology Services Center Analyst, and EDI Services Coordinator. Her internal advancement and contributions to the organization truly embody our Core Purpose as it pertains to developing great leaders.

Carrie received her Bachelor's degree in Accounting from the University of Phoenix in Arizona.

Industry News

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Medical Travel Today: Opinions and Perspectives on an Industry in the Making

Medical Travel Today - the authoritative newsletter for the worldwide medical travel industry - is pleased to announce publication of a new book, "Medical Travel Today: Opinions and Perspectives on an Industry in the Making."

Featuring 40 of the newsletter's most compelling interviews from the first five years of publication, the volume chronicles the explosive growth of international medical tourism as witnessed and experienced by some of the key stakeholders and players. A must-read for anyone interested or involved in the industry.

News in Review

Telehealth May Aid in Medical Tourism, But Barriers Abound

Fiercehealthit.com-Medical tourism, with the assistance of telemedicine in the U.S., holds a great many opportunities, as well as myriad challenges, according to Yan Alicia Hong, Ph.D., of the School of Public Health at Texas A&M University.

Medcare Hospital in Exclusive Partnership with LaLiga

Tradearabia.com-Medcare Orthopaedic and Spine Hospital, part of Aster DM Healthcare, has signed an agreement with LaLiga Middle East, a subsidiary of the Spanish Professional Football league, to be its official regional healthcare provider.

Ministry Focuses on Health Tourism

Ttrweekly.com-Thailand's Ministry of Tourism and Sports says health tourism could generate more revenue and attract high spend travelers to visit the country.

Cosmetic Treatment Boom to Heavily Contribute to Dubai's Medical Tourism

Menafn.com-Local clinic sees significant rise in medical tourists visiting emirate for aesthetic procedures.

Creating Incorporated Health Tourism Destinations - And The Role of Concerted Action Committees and Destination Corporations

Applying the "Condominium" (Shared Property) Model to Health Resort Projects - And Addressing the Issues of "Funding," "Ownership" and "Administration"


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