Nueterra and Ochsner Health System Partner to Provide World-Class Care to International Patients

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Nueterra, a global healthcare management company, is proud to join forces with Ochsner Health System, Louisiana’s largest health system, to provide access to world-class healthcare through the Nueterra Global Alliance (NGA), an international network of doctors and health systems. By partnering with Ochsner Health System, Nueterra is positioned to become a significant player in the $100 billion medical tourism market.“Through this partnership with NGA, Ochsner physicians will have an extensive opportunity to offer the medical services of our nationally ranked U.S. News & World Report physicians and programs,” said Dr. Patrick Quinlan, CEO, Ochsner International Services. “The alliance will benefit patients throughout the world with quality healthcare and an improved quality of life.” “Healthcare is not restricted to geographic boundaries,” said Dan Tasset, chairman of Nueterra. “People regardless of location deserve access to the best healthcare treatments available. Through the Nueterra Global Alliance, we are providing access to superior healthcare within our network of quality health systems such as Ochsner.” The Nueterra Global Alliance allows patients and referral partners to choose a physician from a healthcare provider or through an independent search based on a medical specialty or geographic region. This partnership is indicative of the trend in healthcare to create synergistic relationships which better healthcare and healthcare options for individuals. Nueterra and Ochsner will begin transporting patients from the Latin America and Caribbean regions immediately. “Our goal is to help hundreds of patients receive excellent healthcare treatments before the end of this year,” said David Miller, president of the Nueterra Global Alliance. “No other company is doing what Nueterra is doing, partnering with diverse health systems and international physicians to provide so many options for patients.” Nueterra’s efforts are focused on providing medical exchange, healthcare options for tertiary services that aren’t readily available in every region; these services include but are not limited to cardiology services, transplant procedures and cancer treatments. The Nueterra Global Alliance will also provide healthcare options and patient transport through Nueterra’s partner facilities in the UK, the Middle East and North Africa.

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