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Editor’s Note: Part One of our interview with J. Kevin A. McKechnie that ran in our last issue prompted Tim Morales, President of Costa Rican Medical Care, to pen the following response regarding the history of HSAs in medical travel. We thank Mr. Morales for taking the time to write and for sharing his insight.  Our firm, Costa Rican Medical Care, has been providing medical tourism to people who have an HSA for years, and this is just another reason why our agent network is growing —  health agents looking to provide medical tourism as an option for their clients continue to sign up with us. We have had many people take advantage of using their HSA and Costa Rican Medical Care to save money on their healthcare. Our parent company is one of the largest HSA providers in the US Many banks and credit unions use our HSA program. We have 48 state HSA websites for people looking for information about HSAs  on many other money-saving options, such as medical tourism, discount drug cards, etc. Example: <> Our Senior Vice President Roy Ramthun, who was the point person for the US Treasury in 2004 when HSAs were first allowed, was known as “Mr. HSA” throughout the HSA industry. Because of this, we started Costa Rican Medical Care over three and a half years ago. We did a year’s worth of work meeting with officials in Costa Rica and building our network before we ever put up our website, unlike many start-ups today. We have hosted many other HSA providers in Costa Rica. Mr. Ramthun  spoke on this subject in 2010 as the keynote speaker at the First Latin American Medical Tourism conference in Costa Rica. We thank you for doing the story on HSAs, but this is not a new idea, as some recent press releases would have you believe. Regards, Tim Morales President Costa Rican Medical Care Inc.

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