Singapore Private Hospital Runners Face Uncertain Outlook Despite Medical Tourism Boom

Fallback Image – While Singapore has been one of the popular destinations for the rich who seek medical treatment, experts have mixed views about the outlook of private hospital operators that play a pivotal role in medical tourism in the city-state. Nobody doubts that the medical service sector of Singapore should remain strong over the medium term. Healthcare expenditure in absolute terms and as a percentage of the gross domestic product continues to be driven by multiple factors, such as economic growth, increased access to healthcare services, an aging population and associated healthcare needs, and government expenditure on general healthcare. OCBC Investment Research supported this optimistic view, saying that the growth trajectory of the healthcare sector remains positive in general, aided by the rising affluence in the region which has bolstered the purchasing power of the middle-class. But the rosy picture portrayed for the sector might have overlooked some of the micro risks. To continue reading click here.

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