SPOTLIGHT: Anna Reynolds, Patient Coordinator, Renew Bariatrics, Inc.

About Anna Reynolds, Head Coordinator, Renew Bariatrics, Inc.
Anna Reynolds is the head coordinator and director of patient relations at Renew Bariatrics, a medical tourism firm specializing in bariatric surgery. She has multiple years of experience in the medical tourism industry and focuses on bariatric surgery.
About Renew Bariatrics, Inc.

Renew Bariatrics is a medical tourism company focusing on weight-loss surgery in Mexico. Renew Bariatrics partners with leading bariatric surgeons, surgical facilities, and hospitals to provide all-inclusive packages for patients and are designed for transparency.

With core principles focused on patient safety and patient care, Renew Bariatrics is one of the first companies to provide free Medical Tourism Coverage for every patient.  Coverage is provided for complications and more, even after patients return home.

Medical Travel Today (MTT): Give the readers some background on your professional experience and how you got involved with bariatrics.  

Anna Reynolds (AR):  I’ve worked in numerous fields before going into Medical Tourism, including real estate development.

MTT: Where are you located?

AR: We have several centers in Tijuana, Mexico and one in Cancun, Mexico. Our offices are located in Laguna Beach, CA.

MTT: In what country is your strongest presence? Do you plan on expanding to any other specific regions?

AR: Our strongest presence is in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We’re actively seeking to target patients in Australia and the United Kingdom.

MTT: Are your services available nationwide? What regions does your model serve?

AR: Our services are available nationwide, depending on the provider’s approval.

MTT: What made you decide to go into medical tourism?

AR: My mother was lacking insurance and found herself considering to go to Mexico for bariatric surgery.

Initially, I was reluctant about her going to Mexico for gastric sleeve surgery. However,  she had such great results, which prompted me to take a look at the industry with a more open mind.

Once I had an opportunity to work as a patient coordinator, I quickly learned that this is a growing field, and there is a massive opportunity. It made me dive in closer to the industry, as I love being able to help people and make a difference in their lives.

MTT: Do patients make their own travel arrangements or do you handle?

AR: Yes, our packages include arranged transportation and hotel stays. We aim to provide a concierge style service, and we also assist with booking airline travel for our patients.

MTT: What are the different procedures your company offers?

AR: We provide numerous procedures related to bariatric surgery including gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve revisional surgery, gastric bypass revisional surgery, gallbladder removal, hiatal hernia, and more.

MTT: What are the costs associated with the different procedures? How are these services paid for?

AR: Our cost for gastric sleeve surgery varies, depending on which surgeon/provider is selected.  The prices start at around $3,900 and go up from there. Patients can typically fund their procedure from a few different options: payment plans, third-party financing, direct financing, credit cards, and self-funding.

MTT: How many patients do you typically treat in a year?

AR: We’re on track to treat hundreds of patients per year.

MTT: What makes Renew Bariatrics different from other companies offering obesity solutions?

AR: Unlike other operators in Mexico, Renew Bariatrics provides 30-day medical tourism coverage for free in every package that we sell. Most other firms don’t offer the package at all; some offer a 7-day coverage for patients at an extra $400.

Another point that makes Renew Bariatric different is that we limit our bariatric surgeons from performing too many bariatric procedures per day, thereby enhancing the surgical outcomes for patients.

Lastly, Renew Bariatrics works with each patient on a human level and acts more as a consultant.  We advise each patient on his/her bariatric options and help them to navigating the several provider options.  We even provide for in-house patient financing for select patients.

MTT: From your perspective, where do you see the industry going?

AR: I see the industry growing in the near term – and growing significantly. I see more providers in Mexico coming on board, and different healthcare options (non-bariatric surgery) becoming available.  I already see a trend of different companies offering a multitude of healthcare services.

There are also more development ventures, specifically in Tijuana, for high rise medical complexes. I believe that in the next five years, Tijuana will be more established a leading medical tourism destination, and there will be significantly more medical travelers year over year.

MTT: Is there anything else you’d like to reiterate to our readers?

AR: We thank you for this opportunity to discuss Renew Bariatrics. Give us a call to learn about your obesity treatment options (844) RENEW-ME / 736-3963 or visit

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