The Clinic Finder Adds Medical Tourism to Consumer Options

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David Nicholls, director of “The Clinic Finder”, recently announced the addition of a “medical tourism” section to the healthcare provider search engine’s domestic site. “The concept of ‘The Clinic Finder’ had always been to give people the broadest range of healthcare providers and options, be that locally or internationally,” said Nicholls.  “When we were formulating the strategic branding of the site, we initially felt that a separately branded site for medical tourism would be the way to go. However, our thinking changed when research and discussion revealed that, in most cases, the search for an appropriate treatment starts locally with medical tourism research ‘possibly’ coming later in the process. By putting the medical tourism option forward as an integral part of  ‘The Clinic Finder’ site, the public can now consider the overseas option earlier than they would normally.” This strategy is consistent with the company’s overall objective of giving the widest medical choices available, and now gives overseas specialists a chance to be considered by an audience that previously may not have considered medical tourism. “Now the medical insurance industry is starting to take a much closer look and, in some cases, offer the medical travel option,” said Nicholls. “We truly believe that it is only a matter of time before overseas medical treatment becomes the ‘norm.’  The opportunities for exponential growth among healthcare providers in this market are still very real and we believe ‘The Clinic Finder’ can help those numbers be realized faster than ever.” To learn more about “The Clinic Finder” and partnership opportunities, either visit or email

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