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Greetings, In this issue I’m happy to present Part Two of my conversation with Yale University’s Marcia Inhorn on the subject of Cross-Border Reproductive Care (CBRC). I, for one, found her insights into the factors shaping and driving the industry to be fascinating. I think you will too. FYI, a link to Part One is included in case you missed it. This week I also had the opportunity to speak with Sebastian Viramontes of Hospital San José Tec de Monterrey in Mexico. He shared with me how the institution’s medical travel efforts have evolved over and time and what they’re doing to overcome concerns regarding violence in the region. That interview is also featured below. Plus, we have our first PATIENT PERSPECTIVE featuring one woman’s story of a successful medical travel experience with Minerva Journeys. Finally, I know many of our readers are packing their bags and heading out to the many conferences and events taking place around the globe in April. We invite you to send us your reports from the field or aisles and let us know what trends or concepts are capturing your attention. But more importantly, safe travels to all. Cheers, Amanda Haar, Editor

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