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This Week in Medical Travel Today

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Volume 5, Issue 22

by Amanda Haar, Editor


A couple of interesting research efforts caught our attention lately, and we’re happy to provide a bit of insight into both in this week’s issue.

Still in the formative stages, an effort by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) hopes to get a true handle on the industry —the players, the opportunities, the problems, the potential— with the hopes that the IDB can initiate a project with key partners. It’s an effort that should command the attention of many in the industry. See SPOTLIGHT: Zachary Rozga to learn more.

In addition, a new article from the Center for Bioethics, University of Minnesota, offers an interesting look at the current realities of the medical travel industry in Canada. Written by Professor Leigh Turner, the report raises just as many questions as it answers regarding the exit of numerous players from the Canadian medical travel field. A link to the entire article can be found under INDUSTRY NEWS along with some additional insight and thoughts from Professor Turner.

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Amanda Haar, Editor


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