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Greetings,I’ll be honest. I find some issues of Medical Travel Today more interesting than others, and this one is pretty high on my list of favorites. Not only do we have an update on how one new-to-the-world of medical travel employer is attempting to crack the medical travel benefit nut, but we also have a really interesting interview with a respected industry veteran who has wisely evolved her business to meet the realities and true opportunities in the industry. It’s definitely worth a read. Also, adjusting to the realities of global care, Louisiana’s largest health plan has entered into a medical travel partnership with plans to bring patients from Latin America and the Caribbean (see INDUSTRY NEWS). It seems likely that other plans will follow suit shortly. Even more likely is that the acceptance and adoption of medical travel benefits by employers and promotion by plans will spur some significant industry growth. And as with any growth there will be shifting realities and adaptive strategies. I, for one, can’t wait to see what they’ll be. As this is our last issue for 2012 I’d like to wish all of our readers a happy holiday season and much joy and success in the coming year. I thank you for your interest, contributions and comments.           Cheers, Amanda Haar, Editor

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