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January 25, 2012, 9:51 am
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This Week in Medical Travel Today…

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by Amanda Haar, Editor



Innovating the innovative. That seems to be what much of medical travel is about these days: introducing new ideas to an already innovative approach to healthcare.

In this week’s SPOTLIGHT we feature HealthSouk, an online marketplace for dental services where dentists can actually manage fees on a minute-by-minute basis to remain competitive and attract new patients.

We’re also pleased to share a conversation with Farrah Walsh, founder of Minerva Journeys, a medical travel provider who goes beyond connecting patients with care but also offers meaningful recovery solutions. It’s a refreshing approach that’s capturing the interest (and business) of patients from around the globe.

Plus, this week’s news features stories of a doctor in the Bahamas and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadineja paying closer attention to where their citizens are traveling for procedures and what they need to do to lure non-citizens to their country for care.

Perhaps they’ll find a few ideas in this week’s SPOTLIGHTs.

As always, we welcome your comments, story ideas, and press releases.



Amanda Haar, Editor


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