Volume 10, Issue 11: Jonathan Slotkin, MD, FAANS, Associate Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Geisinger Health System. Physician leader, Geisinger-Walmart COE Program Discusses Medical Travel and Direct Contracting with Centers of Excellence

Dear Colleagues,

Meet Jonathan Slotkin, MD, FAANS, Associate Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Geisinger-Walmart COE Program, as he addresses the enormous feedback that has been received from his recent Harvard Business Review article, How Employers are Fixing Health Care.

In this exclusive two-part interview, Slotkin discusses pricing models centers of excellence should be considering, international medical travel and the possible the impact that Medicare for all could have on employer direct contracting.

This issue brings you news on the launch of Hoy Health’s HOYLIFE Kits, the top 100 wellness resorts in the world and Cigna’s international NGO plans. We also bring you the advanced healthcare partner business model being applied to medical tourism, why the right to medical travel insurance is so important and a Berlin-based startup that is sending patients abroad for surgery.

Please be in touch and let me know how you are breaking new ground in this growing marketplace. Laura Carabello
Executive Editor and Publisher
Medical Travel Today

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