Volume 10, Issue 7: Hot off the press — Harvard Business Review article! Plus Mario Anglada, CEO, Hoy Health on meeting unmet healthcare needs of underserved populations, especially Hispanics

Dear Colleagues:

Just published today: How Employers Are Fixing Health Care. The medical travel industry has come a long way in the last decade, and this article documents its trajectory. Read what Lisa Woods, Jonathan R. Slokin and Ruth Coleman report about their success experience with serving one of the nation’s largest workforces.

Also in this issue: a thought-provoking, exclusive interview, with Mario Anglada, CEO, Hoy Health. Anglada discussing the separation of primary care from an institutional setting in the United States. He explains how Hoy Health has become a first-of-its-kind health-tech platform that provides a comprehensive and integrated bilingual healthcare support ecosystem to medically underserved patients offering solutions relative to medication access, medication adherence, tele-health and chronic condition management programs. 

This issue also brings you news on:

  • How Employers Are Fixing Health Care
  • PRESS RELEASE: Medical Tourism Market is Anticipated to Attain US $160.8 Billion by 2025, Says TMR
  • Patient cost largely unrelated to procedure price or insurance coverage, study finds
  • Johnson & Johnson research head aims to block, cure disease
  • Measles cases at ‘alarmingly’ high levels around the world, UNICEF says

Please be in touch and let me know how you are breaking new ground in this growing marketplace.

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Laura Carabello
Executive Editor and Publisher
Medical Travel Today

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