Volume 9, Issue 22: HNC Virtual Solutions: Using FDA-approved Wireless Remote Diagnostic Peripherals to Change the Way Patients Access Care

Dear Colleagues,

At the recent Healthcare Datapalooza, I had the honor of moderating a fabulous panel on employer purchasing of healthcare benerfits with Lisa Woods, Walmart and Ruth Coleman, founder of Health Design Plus.  See the video clip below and an overview of the panel presentation – which was very well attended!

In this issue, please take the opportunity to meet the leaders at HNC Virtual Solutions:  Ray Zak, Compliance/Contracting and Craig Novosat, IT Project Specialist.  It’s an organization that is using FDA-approved wireless remote diagnostic peripherals, allowing physicians to monitor patient vitals remotely and providing a valuable resource to prompt immediate medical care.  In this exclusive interview, we learn where this technology is being used and its associated costs.

This issue also brings you news on:

Saudi hotels that are integrating “health resorts” into their services

Why weight loss surgery in Mexico might be dangerous

News on the healthcare deal between Aetna and Humana

The growth of the Arabian travel market

… and a helpful infographic explaining the medical tourism market of India.

You will also read about a contract announced between North American Specialty Hospital(NASH) and Global Healthcare Connections (GHC), opening the door to Canadian patients for high quality surgical care delivered outside of Canada at prices far below those in the U.S.

Also, Campbell Clinic’s groundbreaking facility expansion, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s global partnership with United Arab Emirates, Tanzania’s new position as a medical tourism hub and Turkey’s $10 billion in health tourism revenue in 2017.

There’s a lot to read, review and digest!

Laura Carabello
Executive Editor and Publisher
Medical Travel Today

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