Why Do Peyton Manning, Americans Leave United States for Stem Cell Treatment?

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Lifenews.com — The United States has arguably the most advanced healthcare in the world. Which is why I was surprised at how many Americans are going abroad for stem cell treatments using their own adult stem cells. This is called an antilogous stem cell transplant. I read nearly everyday about patients going to China, India and Germany to get treated for anything from spinal cord injuries to autism. It has even been reported that Peyton Manning went to Europe recently to get a stem cell treatment for his neck. I also have read about patients who reside in these countries getting treatments for brain injury to type II diabetes with impressive results. The Repair Stem Cell Institute, which refers patients to what they say are reputable stem cell treatment centers around the world, has a list of diseases being treated with antilogous stem cell transplants that is a mile long. Remember, these are not cures, but therapies aimed at improving the symptoms of the disease and the quality of life for the patient. It is also important to point out that these are not the stem cell treatments that have recently been in the news where patients have received stem cells from embryos or fetuses. These are stem cell transplants using a patient’s own stem cells. So why is this antilogous stem cell tourism happening? Many ask why are these treatments not available in the United States. It is often wrongly suggested that it has to do with Bush’s restrictions on the funding of embryonic stem cell research. It has absolutely nothing to do with that because these are antilogous adult stem cell transplants. In reality, unlike the United States, most industrialized nations have some kind of legislation that protects embryos from being created and destroyed for research. To read more, click here.

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