World’s Health Tourism Professional Gather in Ankara

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“Global Health Tourism Summit and Fair (Health Sumex)” will be held in Ankara Congresium on 28-29-30 September 2016 with gracious support from T.R. Ministry of Health and strategical partnership of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) under patronage of Association of Industrialists and Businessmen of Ankara (ASIAD 1989) as an organization by HHB EXPO company. Thanks to its unique and strategic geographical position, Turkey is a center of attraction. Geographical proximity to Europe, Asia, Middle East, North and Central Africa, Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) combined with developed means of transportation and an advanced health system, makes Turkey a perfect spot for health tourism. Considering a total area of 200.000.000 km2, Turkey is the most important health tourism destination of the world with its health structure, hospital system, technological infrastructure, internationally successful medical professionals and well-trained health personnel. Given its cost-effectiveness, tourism visit advantages and quality technological infrastructure, Turkey is the leading choice for international patients. Moreover, treatments in Turkey, especially in some areas, are 60 percent cheaper than many European Countries. In addition to its importance as a destination, Turkey also has a very developed and advanced infrastructure in all aspects of health and health-related tourism. Especially in recent years, both public and private health institutions achieved improved physical infrastructure, and also received well-trained physicians and other types of health professionals to a status of high esteem among other countries with advanced health services. Indeed, Turkey exceeded most of the countries, especially in health tourism and certain sub-sections of the medical sector. Turkey offers many advantages and more in terms of physician quality, medical equipment, infrastructure and improved services. Gaining more importance with each passing day, health tourism has become an important export item for developed countries. The number of medical travelers received in Turkey in 2013 exceeded 300 thousand. When the number of operations held in health centers is considered, the figure increases to 480 thousand. The revenue generated by health tourism in 2013 reached around 2.5 billion dollars. For this reason, the process including the treatment of patients has become a fast-paced, developing sector. Receiving good attention from the market economy, the health tourism presents significant opportunities in Turkey similar to any country. Considering the possible contributions of the health tourism for national economy and regional influence, more effective policies are needed. Given the geographical location, climate and culture. as well as quality, developed and more accessible health services thanks to political and economic stability of the last decade, Turkey offers significant advantages for the health travelers. In addition to natural gifts of Turkey for health tourism, existence of a special unit for supervision and regulation of health tourism under the Ministry of Health is yet another advantage. This gives great confidence to all who desires to serve to the development of health tourism in Turkey and to all who seek investment opportunities in the sector. The first “Global Health Tourism Summit and Fair (Health Sumex)” will be held on the dates of 28-29-30 September 2016. Important institutions and professionals of the global health tourism sector will gather in the organization. Also, the structural transition of health industries, as well as other important subjects on the development of the health tourism, will be discussed. Over 5,000 experts and representatives from the sector are expected, including top officers and bureaucrats from T.R. Ministry of Health, as well as other Ministries, National and International Health Tourism Agencies, Representatives from Health Tourism Investment Companies, Medical Tourism Investment Companies, International Insurance Companies, Health Centers, Special Treatment Centers and Clinics, Management Team Members and Professionals from Hospitals, Health Center and Clinics, Senior Officers from State, University and Private Hospitals, Managers and Shareholders of Health Institutions, Hospital Owners and Managers, Faculty Members, Physicians, Technicians and Nurses from Hospitals, Health Tourism Professionals, Health Professionals, Wellness Operators, Owners and Managers of Thermal Hotels and Facilities, National and International Tour Operators in Health Tourism, Thermal Tourism, Spa and Wellness Tourism, Representatives from Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations in the Sector, Investors and Officers from Elderly Care Houses, Manufacturers and Exporters of Medical Technology and other decision makers in the health sector. “Global Health Tourism Summit and Fair (Health Sumex)” provides unique opportunity to get in touch with the leading contacts who guide Turkey’s health tourism sector and industry, which is one of the largest and most attractive markets in Europe. In the organization actors will have an opportunity to meet with health professionals, get involved in new profitable business opportunities that will accelerate their imports and exports, and introduce their new and current product range to the leading decision makers of the sector to facilitate their market penetration in their promotional efforts. The participants will also have a chance to fortify their existing business relations, follow the latest and state-of-the-art technologies and, most importantly, conduct B2B meetings to achieve quick returns and productivity in the sector. The conference series, which will be held concurrently with the expo will continue for two days. Important topics of the sector will be discussed by many opinion leaders under leadership of keynote speakers who will highlight good practices through sharing experience and knowledge among participants. Over 5,000 domestic and foreign participants are expected for the Sumex. Also “Procurement Committees” from Germany, Arab Countries, Azerbaijan, Holland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries, Russia, Ukraine and North Africa countries will meet with fair participants. For detailed information about Global Health Tourism Summit and Fair please visit:

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