SPOTLIGHT: Kim Advent, Founder and President, Avanti Wellness L.L.C.

Kim Advent, Founder and President of Avanti Wellness L.L.C.

About Kim Advent

In March of 2010, Kim Advent, Founder and President of Avanti Wellness L.L.C., a Nevada based company began her research in Buenos Aires, Argentina at a medical facility that incorporates practical philosophical ideas into individualized medical treatments for clients. The medical clinic is CMI and the mission statement is to improve the quality of life using practical philosophical ideas into the medical environment.

Since 2010, Advent has been bringing into action the “practical philosophy” approach to American clients that has been working successfully in Buenos Aires, Argentina for decades.



Candor is a business enterprise that promotes a wide range of projects in wellness, health care, and education. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, Candor promotes medical and philosophical therapies, one medical facility being CMI. 


Medical Travel Today (MTT): Give us some background on Candor and how you got involved here?

Kim Advent (KA): The branding of CANDOR is a result of extensive research and interaction with many people in different professions, including medical doctors, psychologists, and most importantly the families struggling with a family member with addiction and/or mental disorders that Avanti Wellness actively pursued. Speaking across the United States for almost a decade via different venues, radio and television interviews, workshops, guest speaking, published articles, and one on one with families sharing their resources to find help has been the function of Avanti Wellness. This journey started as a grassroots effort in communities all the way to Washington D.C. Having the dialogues necessary to bring an awareness that wellness, education and solutions are needed to improve the global quality of life for the human race; birthed the concept and branding of CANDOR.

 MTT: Where are you located?

 KA:  The facility is located in the beautiful South American city of Buenos Aires; also known as the “Paris” of the Americas!

MTT:  So is it a multi-lingual facility in Argentina? 

KA:  It is multi-lingual – they speak Spanish and English. Some professionals speak additional languages as well.

MTT: You focus on American clients for any area of improvement to their life?

KA: Most people are looking for some level of improvement in their life, be it relationships, medical, stress, substance abuse, etc. We are people and we all can use some high-quality health care and comprehensive solutions.  CMI, which is a group of professionals that uses traditional medicine and integrates practical philosophical tools for anyone seeking a new approach to improve many levels of their life. It’s unique in that the diagnosis is very comprehensive in the physical, psychological and emotional assessments (what we identify are wrong ideas about oneself) with multi-diagnosis, and a treatment developed to encompass all findings. CMI not only has on staff medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, philosophical coaches, massage therapists, nutritionist, elite physical trainer, kinesiologist, osteopath, amongst professionals working with clients on a daily basis. This team of professionals is in daily communication with each other to adjust and be flexible to the client’s daily needs.

MTT: Have you had success in any particular area in treatment?

KA: The success in treating the opiate addiction is 95%.

MTT: Why is your approach more successful than the hundreds of others that are out there that are vying for this market?

KA: The success has been identified by final ending all the cravings, the triggers and replacing it with solid ideas that give a good consequence to their lives. CMI does not use M.A.T. (Medication Assisted Treatment, like methadone or suboxone), it does not use the 12 step approach either. It is individually made for each person using the lost or unknown good ideas that they didn’t access before.

MTT: How long is your treatment program and what is your rate of success? Do you have any recidivism?  

KA: Any person that goes to CMI will first do 7 days of diagnosis both medically and psychologically. At the end of the diagnostic period the length of inpatient can be determined. It’s safe to say if the reason for treatment is for substance abuse and/or behavioral disorders that three months is most likely, however, each person is different, so that will vary and may take longer.

We do recommend a program of six months and have an estimated completion rate of 95%. For the people who don’t complete the treatment, they have about 60% of success, without relapse. The patients learn new tools to maintain a healthy life.

MTT: That’s a big difference between the usual drug programs. Why do you think it is so successful?

 KA: Our patients’ success comes from applying practical philosophy in their day to day life. Our goal is for the patient to return to their life, know not feeling compelled to revisit the bad options, people or habits. They can maintain using Skype with their philosophical coach after returning.

MTT:  What percentage of your patients comes from the US?

KA: We have patients from all over the world. It’s about 70% Americans now.

MTT: Is there anything else you’d like to reiterate to our readers?

KA:  We are here to improve the quality of life using practical philosophical ideas to eliminate anguish from addictions, depression, anxiety, etc. I would like to quote Almafuerte, a philosopher – “Because happiness consists in living a truthful life; in other words, happiness consists in living one’s own truth.”

This is what Candor accomplishes through its work globally.