Medical Travel Morphing into Niche Markets, Study Finds

Fallback Image - A new study predicts that much of the growth in medical travel will be focused in three niches - dental, cosmetic and fertility services. The 2012 Medical Tourism Facts and Figures study, released recently by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ), also predicts that medical tourism's growth will be primarily

This Week in Medical Travel Today…

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Greetings, Yet another interesting week in the world of medical travel. Both big players and small have been at work merging resources and ideas with what some might argue are varying degrees of results. On the one hand, Ascension Health announced plans to invest $2 billion in a "health city"

Johns Hopkins and Westbank First Nation Discuss Luxury Medical Tourist Facility: Is it viable?

Fallback Image - Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore is consistently ranked as America's best. As a brand, it doesn't get any better. It has a global arm (Johns Hopkins International) so it can share its intellectual talent pool. Those are just two of the reasons the Westbank First Nation (WFN) wants it on board for Canada's first $125 million,

Hospitals and Health Systems Anticipate that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will Reduce Organizational Revenue

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HighRoads, the industry leader in SaaS-enabled (software as a service) healthcare compliance and benefits management, and Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, Inc. (SullivanCotter), a nationally-recognized compensation and human resource management consulting firm, find that 55 percent of hospitals and health systems anticipate a drop in revenue as a result of the Affordable