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Greetings, Safety is and has always been a key issue in the world of healthcare and medical travel. While most of our efforts tend to focus on safety and the point of delivery, one organization is doing its part to bring a new level of safety to many medical travelers'

Andy Weissberg, CEO, DotHealth

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Editor's Note: Our last issue included a news release regarding DotHealth, LLC's application to establish .health as a generic top-level domain (gTLD) with the intent of providing a safer and more secure online namespace for global health stakeholders. This week we're pleased to feature an interview with Andy Weissberg, co-founder and

For Medical Tourists, Can Dental Costs be too Low?

Fallback Image - Dental tourism remains the top medical tourism venture in Costa Rica. Of the tens of thousands of medical tourists who visit the country each year, 40 percent come to undergo dental procedures. To try to gain the upper hand against competition, some dental offices offer extremely low prices.