Memorial-Hermann Texas Medical Center Certified by the Medical Travel Commission

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The Medical Travel Commission™ (MTC) has announced that Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center is MTC 2012 Certified, and meets the Commission's International Patient Program criteria for 2012. The International Patient Program Certification is designed to recognize organizations that provide extraordinary, best-in-class service to patients traveling across international borders for care. The

Mercury Advisory Group Announces Arrangement to Build a Health Tourism Cluster and Cancer Hospital in Mexico

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Mercury Advisory Group has developed a five- to seven-year public-private partnership project in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, according to company CEO Dr. Maria K. Todd. “We will call upon our 65 advisers over the next five to seven years to help bring this project to fruition. Other similar projects are on the horizon

This Week in Medical Travel Today…

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Greetings, Beginning with today's issue, we'll be featuring an ongoing series (INSIDE LOOK) at how one US-based employer is approaching the prospect of adding medical travel to its benefits option. This will be a watch-it-as-it-unfolds type of series and one that will surely be of interest to other employers, benefits

SPOTLIGHT: Julie Stone, Towers Watson

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Editor's Note: A recent Towers Watson survey of 440 midsize and large companies revealed that employers are actively looking for ways to address the increasing costs of healthcare. Senior Consultant Julie Stone kindly agreed to speak to us about how medical travel may or may not fit into cost containment plans in

Joint Commission Adds Hospitals to Top-performers List

Fallback Image - The Joint Commission's second annual report on quality and safety recognized 620 hospitals as top performers for achieving excellence on quality care metrics, a more than 50 percent increase from last year's list, The Joint Commission announced today. Despite adding 215 hospitals, notable academic medical centers still failed to make the Joint

Editor Concerned International Medical Travel Creating Substantial Challenges National and Global Public Health Delivery

Fallback Image - A University of Canterbury (UC) lecturer is concerned about the booming medial tourism industry, combining cosmetic or dental surgery with an overseas holiday, because of the future of medical services and health security. UC Professor Michael Hall, editor of a recently released book on international medical tourism, said

Major Medical Tourism Initiative Launched

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Brookline, Massachusetts - 1 October 2012 - Elizabeth Ziemba, President of Medical Tourism Training, Inc. has been invited to participate with Stackpole & Associates in the project to conduct a national "Medical Tourism Market Analysis" for ProExport Colombia. The country has invested substantial sums of money in improving and expanding its health care