Beyond the Culture, Sun and Luxury Hotels, Portugal Offers Medical Tourism

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Portugal is a fast emerging destination when it comes to tourism. But, beyond golf, sun, history and food there is now a growing medical tourism product offer in Portugal. In fact, Medical Port is emerging as the country’s global medical tourism facilitator. The idea of seeking treatments, surgery and general medical care in Portugal comes with several advantages – for example, combining it with tourist-like activities and getting some R+R. The reasons for the medical tourism boom are related to the lower healthcare costs, the absence of waiting-lists, privacy and confidentiality, and the availability of treatments abroad that aren’t offered in some nations. Services commonly sought after include elective procedures, as well as specialized surgeries such as joint replacement (knee/hip), cardiac surgery, dental surgery, and cosmetic and plastic surgeries. However, virtually every type of medical care, including psychiatry, check-ups or obesity, which are the most popular, are out of pocket on some health plans, and often more affordable in Portugal. From Medical Port’s point-of-view, there is a strong focus on providing health prevention programs for individuals and corporations, diagnosis and treatment of obesity, plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Portugal is a great option for medical tourism, combining state-of-the-art Joint Commission International-accredited modern facilities with private rooms, access to hospital services 24/7, and highly qualified physicians and nurses. In fact, the training of medical doctors in Portugal is one of the most demanding in the world. It also gives you access to come without waiting-lists, with affordable prices and the chance to be treated in one of the safest countries in the world, with an authentic and varied culture, and the ability to recover while enjoying the beaches and countryside — all only a few minutes away from each other. Medical Port gives clients a unique point of contact during the entire experience, listening to your needs, preparing a customized offer and a remote consultation with your doctor before and after a surgery or procedure. The company then gives the patient a detailed travel plan, enrolls them at their hospital of choice, books a favorite hotel and a private driver, and prepares a plan for any companion. Patients will have a dedicated customer care specialist that takes care of all the details. The company acts in several medical areas, namely aesthetic plastic surgery, assisted reproductive technology, diagnosis and check-up, obesity, orthopedics and rehabilitation and psychology.

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