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Greetings, After a week away for vacation, it was actually interesting to sift through the medical travel news that developed while I was away. The best news was that there really wasn’t any bad news to be had. Medical travel continues to garner coverage in a diverse range of media outlets. And acceptance and understanding of the value proposition is as high as I I’ve ever seen it. It’s almost as if we’ve evolved from that weird cousin at the family picnic that everyone tolerates to actually being a welcomed guest whose contributions to the conversation are finally considered worthwhile. Well, let’s just pass the biscuits/kimchee/samosas/kebab/jamon or whatever you’re serving and keep it going. We’ve added a few new listings to our UPCOMING EVENTS section. As always, it’s difficult to decipher what’s worthwhile and what’s the same old same old. If you’re up to trying something truly different, consider the Well-Being Conference slated for June in Scottsdale, Ariz. This event creates a meaningful intersection of travel and medical tourism with representatives of both the medical travel professionals and travel sellers. It’s a different angle to the usual slate of topics and one worth considering. As always, we welcome your comments, story ideas, and press releases. Cheers, Amanda Haar, Editor

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