Minverva Journeys Partners with Startup America: Offers Cost-Effective, Quality Medical Travel Options to Promising New Companies

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Costa Rica – Minerva Journeys, providers of world-class medical travel concierge services, assisting individuals and businesses to access cost-effective, high-quality health and dental care, announced today that it has partnered with Startup America Partnership, the national organization dedicated to helping young companies grow in order to spur job creation across the country. The partnership will give cost-conscious start-up firms the opportunity to provide their employees affordable, quality medical procedures through accredited hospitals and dental clinics in Costa Rica and other destinations around the world.

“Minerva Journeys is pleased to partner with Startup America, which continues to provide entrepreneurs access to critical services at reduced costs,” says Farah Walsh, President of Minerva Journeys. “By being part of this organization, we will be able to offer Start-ups, Mid and Large size companies an opportunity to integrate Medical Travel into their Employee Benefits Package. This will provide their workforces medical procedures that might not otherwise be accessible or affordable at home with the higher co-pays, limitations on coverage, and longer waits sometimes up to 3 years for a knee replacement today. We look forward to providing greater access through our partnership with well-established, accredited Hospitals, local offices and Medical Travel Experts in leading Medical Travel destinations, as well as the highest quality customer support.” Minerva Journeys advantages include:

  • Access to medical experts in dentistry, stem cell therapy, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgeries, weight loss, gastric bypass, lap band surgery, diagnostic testing, wellness and adventure tours
  • Pricing transparency, patient safety and confidentiality
  • 24-7 customer support
  • Access to VIP accommodations, plane tickets, hotels and tours.
  • Every package is customized to meet the patient’s budget, medical needs and recovery in a well planned & integrated vacation, tourism included

Startup America was founded to provide valuable resources and connections to help young companies grow, support regional startup ecosystems throughout the country, and recognize startups as key drivers of the U.S. economy. “At a time when more businesses are looking for ways to attract new talent, we are pleased to partner with Minerva Journeys to provide alternative healthcare options that can also help mitigate costs,” Danielle Forsyte, director of Startup Engagement for Startup America. “As we continue to create collaborations that empower entrepreneurs and spur innovation, we anticipate thatthis partnership will generate greater awareness of the advantages of medical travel and enable our member firms to make smart choices about their health benefit plans.” For more information, call, 1888-843-7022, email reservations@minervajourneys.com About Minerva Journeys Minerva Journeys offers world-class medical travel concierge services to assist individuals and businesses to access high-quality health and dental care at lower, more affordable costs through a global partner network of accredited hospitals, stem cell centers, dental clinics, esthetic/plastic surgery centers, diagnostic/executive physicals, addiction recovery centers and more. This is an integrated medical approach, which coordinates follow-up care and includes well-planned medical vacations. For more information, call, 1888-843-7022, email reservations@minervajourneys.com or visit: www.minervajourneys.com. About the Startup America Partnership The Startup America Partnership was launched at the White House in response to President Obama’s call to celebrate, inspire, and accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship throughout the nation. The Partnership is bringing together an alliance of major corporations, funders, service providers, mentors and advisors working to dramatically increase the prevalence and success of high-growth enterprises in the U.S. AOL co-founder Steve Case chairs the Partnership and the Kauffman and Case Foundations are founding partners. American Express OPEN, Dell Inc., Intuit Inc., and Microsoft are sponsors. The Partnership will identify, measure and report on the effectiveness of cross-sector collaboration in support of entrepreneurial ventures and its effect on job creation and growth. For more information on the Partnership, visit www.startupamericapartnership.or

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