SpineMark Corporation and California Healthcom Group Forge Strategic Partnership

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Collaboration will bring patients from China and other Asian countries to the US for advanced spine care. In its continued efforts to develop a global network of spine centers for patients in the U.S. and abroad, SpineMark Corporation, a United States-based developer of spine centers of excellence and spine research organizations, and California Healthcom Group, a U.S.-based developer of cloud-based digital healthcare solutions, have entered into a strategic partnership that links patients in Asia suffering from back pain with leading SpineMark centers of excellence and physician experts. As part of the partnership agreement, SpineMark will serve as California Healthcom’s exclusive spine physician and facility provider. California Healthcom’s cloud-based “digital hospital” platform gives patients virtual access to healthcare providers. Patients can correspond with and share their medical records with providers and receive answers and solutions to their medical conditions through the platform’s video chat component. As California Healthcom’s exclusive spine physician and facility provider, SpineMark’s network of providers and centers will consult, treat and triage patients. SpineMark will manage the needs of these patients under the company’s travel program, helping to grow medical tourism referrals for their sites. In addition to SpineMark’s efforts to create a global standard for spine care, patients continue to view the U.S. as the bastion of cutting-edge, quality-measured, high-tech focused specialty healthcare. “Medical Tourism is rapidly becoming a new ‘payer’ in today’s healthcare paradigm,” says Marcy T. Rogers, president and CEO of SpineMark. “Globally, 1.7 billion people suffer from musculoskeletal pain, with back pain as the leading cause of disability. Our partnership with California Healthcom will significantly benefit patients from Asia who want American physicians managing their care. Through innovative medical tourism programs and strategic partners like California Healthcom, SpineMark is further validating the U.S.’s global reputation as a leader in healthcare and meeting the growing demands of patients abroad seeking high quality spine care.” “An increasing number of patients are looking outside of their country for high-quality medical care. In order to meet this growing demand, we have developed a platform that fosters the growth of the medical tourism industry and creates a standardized experience for both the patient and the provider,” says Henry Huang, chief operating officer of California Healthcom Group. “By partnering with SpineMark, we will be able to further expand our platform and, as a result, increase access and expertise to patients around the globe.” About SpineMark Corporation SpineMark is the premier global spine service company for the development of Spine Centers of Excellence (COE) and Spine Research Organizations (SRO) in partnership with medical professionals, hospitals and industry medical manufacturers. Linked by IT, guided by evidence-based protocols, and held accountable through outcome data collection, as well as a proprietary Spine Protocol Management System, SpineMark offers a turnkey solution to align and support the interests of patients, physicians and facilities. www.SpineMark.com. About California Healthcom California Healthcom Group is a healthcare technology and services company based in Los Angeles, Calif. The company developed one of the world’s first cloud-based digital hospital platforms which connects patients in emerging markets to elite care providers around the world, providing patients in emerging markets access, answers and solutions to their medical conditions. In May 2013, the company launched the digital hospital platform in Asia, also referred to as Haoeyou, and have already signed on over 1,000 care providers from U.S., China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. In the first 60 days, the platform generated over 2,000 inquiries for medical services in the U.S., 100+ paid consultations to U.S. care providers and 10 patients retaining medical services in the U.S. Leveraging technology and high-touch concierge services, the company has developed a robust medical tourism program that bridges eastern and western gaps. www.haoeyou.com.

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